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Ask for instructions on how to mount the NAS disk for Logitech servers

Hello Oliver,

we understand your dissatisfaction and of course we will try to help you as best we can. I am also sure that we will find a solution.

First of all, with regard to shutdown: If your Max2Play device is connected to the Internet, you can access it with any device in the same network, for example with a PC or your mobile phone. You can also call up the Max2Play web interface via the smartphone and shut down the device (Settings / Reboot tab -> “Shut down” button). Otherwise there is also the possibility of switching off Max2Play devices via a physical switch or an SSH command. You can find Max2Play plugins here:

Power button plugin:
Remote control plugin:

Otherwise, you can find more information about installing switches on the Raspberry Pi online in magazines such as PC-Welt or heise. There you will also find instructions on how to access the Pi via SSH.

If your system is currently running without errors, I would recommend not reactivating the write protection, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that the Squeezebox server will function properly. There are generally different usage scenarios for Max2Play, so that some of our plugins, such as write protection, are not suitable for every application. Since we are in the do-it-yourself audio sector and many of our customers are looking for individual solutions, we cannot accompany every step. Therefore, we try first and foremost to help our customers solve the problem themselves.

If you continue to experience problems that are probably caused by the write protection, I would strongly advise you to freshly format the SD card. I am afraid that in this case the system will be so damaged that it will no longer function properly without a complete reboot. You can also create a backup of your system in advance with our Imageburner plugin so that you do not lose any settings in case of doubt.
I hope I can make the formatting process a little easier for you with this: To delete the partitions on the SD card (on a Windows PC), press the Windows key and R to open the "Run" window. Then enter “diskmgmt.msc” and click OK. Then scroll down to your SD card in the Disk Management window. With a right click and "Delete Volume" you can delete the individual partitions (should be 3 in total). You should then be able to burn the image back to the SD card.

Regarding your premium license:
Of course, you retain the full term of your license. Please write us an email about this at [email protected] so that we can solve this.