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10 things I learned about pole dancing

A few years ago I already wanted to try out pole dance at some point. I wanted to know what this sport is all about, why it is so disreputable for many and whether it is as exhausting as others claim. When I am the # 12months12sports Challenge, it was clear to me: now the time has come.

Pole dance consists of acrobatic, dance-like movements that are performed around a vertical pole - at least that is the definition. It turned out that pole dance is much more than just a "dance" and is therefore often not called pole dance at all, but pole arts or fitness. What remains is of course the pole (= pole) in the foreground. During my beginners course, some things I heard about pole dancing were confirmed and others I literally had to experience firsthand.

10 things I learned about pole dancing

# 1 Pole is a full body workout

Pole dance is a full body workout that combines many factors: strength, endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility. In particular, the upper body, trunk and pelvic muscles are heavily used, which ensures a stabilization of the spine. In the flow of movement of the various figures, or as part of a choreography, you work up a sweat. In addition, many assistance exercises are carried out in the courses to improve flexibility.

# 2 The dress code makes sense

I used to think that skimpy clothing was part of it somehow. But I was very wrong. Not only the climbing itself, but also most of the pole figures only come about through a lot of physical contact with the pole. You hold on to the bar with your arms, legs and torso, and that only works if you have direct skin contact. Clothing only makes you slip away all the time and that's counterproductive. Above all, the legs should be as free from textiles as possible and it is best to train in a bra and panty anyway.

# 3 The focus is on our body's capabilities

Pole is not about how slim or defined someone is. Rather, it is about what our body is capable of doing. For example, my trainer didn't have a visible six-pack, but her body tension was amazing! Let's take myself as an example. From the outside, I would describe myself as quite fit. Compared to the other girls in my introductory course, I had well developed muscles - but I was by far not the best in the course.

# 4 Pole hurts!

The hard truth must be said at this point: Pole is no picnic and not for people who are very sensitive to pain. Especially the inner thighs are heavily used in various figures. Bruises and redness are guaranteed ...

# 5 Pole builds your confidence

With the tight outfit we learn to accept our body more and more over time (if we don't already). In addition, with each newly learned figure, we gain self-confidence and trust in our body and our abilities. For me, observing progress is one of the most important factors that motivate me in sport.

# 6 There are many prejudices against Poles ...

... we all know that. My mind changed after the course. Of course, pole dance can seem sexy - especially if you are good at it and everything looks so easy and yes, sometimes you can feel sexy too. But it definitely didn't look easy on me and the many bruises on my legs aren't particularly sexy either. Now I rather associate Pole with the fitness aspect and have great respect for all women who do it regularly or over the long term.

# 7 Pole has a very high risk of injury

Beginners shouldn't train alone or with YouTube guides. With the wrong technique, you can fall badly and seriously injure yourself. That is why I definitely recommend training in a studio under professional supervision. Only after you have learned how to handle the Pole safely and know your limits should you train on your own.

# 8 There are 3 different pole disciplines

namely sport, art & sexy. Exercise is about fitness itself. Mainly figures are shown that require extremely high muscle strength. In Pole Art, dance elements from other types of dance are incorporated and small accessories are often used (ball, cloth, etc.). Sexy pole is arguably the most popular form of pole dance and probably the reason why there are so many prejudices against this sport. As the name suggests, this is about moving around the bar as sexy and provocative as possible. Often high heels or even overknee boots are worn.

# 9 Pole is for everyone

There is no age limit and no suitable body shape for Poles. Really anyone can start this sport. A professional has never fallen from the sky, everyone has to start at the beginning. By the way, men can also do pole dance, as it puts more strain on their favorite muscle part: the upper body.

# 10 Pole is really popular

Pole dance is really popular in my opinion! The courses in my studio were always fully booked and it was really difficult to find a suitable date. There are many other studios in Vienna that might feel the same way. When I showed on my social media channels that I was trying pole dance, a few other women suddenly got in touch who do, have done or want to do it too. So it's never too late to jump on the train - excuse me, the Poles ­čśë

-> Since I'm in writing mode right now, there is an extra fun fact for you:

#11 You shouldn't eat anything before a pole session!

All the turning around the bar made me weary at first. I felt dizzy and sick, like sitting on a roller coaster. In any case, training on an empty stomach helps. But I seemed to be the only one with this problem. Everyone else was always fine.

I was allowed to complete my introductory course in the Pole Angels studio, near the U6 station Alserstra├če. The studio looked familiar to me and is equipped with everything you could need: toilet, shower, small kitchen, seating and of course a large wall of mirrors in front of the poles. My Level 1 course took place once a week for eight weeks. That was very pleasant, because I was able to pursue other sporting activities. By the way, you can easily book the courses online and you can even catch up on missed units. However, since there is a small and limited number of participants, you should inquire early and book the course as far in advance as possible.

What about you: have you ever tried pole dance? or maybe now you want to feel like it?
As always, I am looking forward to an exchange of experiences with you <3

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