How to downgrade Dayz at six


I don't want to hesitate and give you my tips for Arma 2: DayZ =)
DayZ is a simulation and has a lot of interest in realism (excluding zombies?). That means you won't get hungry and thirsty after 5 minutes. So you can survive for a while with a few cans of ravioli and a can of cola.
The display / HUD is explained very simply. Everything that is green is okay and everything that is red or doesn't glow well. For example, if you are attacked and you bleed, take care of yourself as soon as possible. You have to go to safety beforehand, of course, because it takes a few seconds for this to be done.

-Watch your ads
-You only have to drink and eat when the displays are very red. Before that, it's a waste.
- Remains undetected / prefers to sneak or even crawl on the floor
-Take your time - if you rush everything you will only lure zombies and other players to you
-Do not trust anyone - I have often seen people write “friendly” and very soon murder you from behind
-Take important things you find (if you haven't found a weapon yet, I think you should take more important things with you than ammunition)
-Avoid larger cities and settlements, there are only zombies and players lurking there
-In farms / barns or small army outposts you will find good equipment (I prefer barns as there are fewer zombies there)
-Play with friends and talk to them on Skype or Teamspeak. So you can coordinate well and treat each other.

In the meantime, DayZ no longer starts with a weapon, but only has a few things to survive in your pocket. You cannot defend yourself at first, which makes everything a bit more difficult (the list above will help you)
I also did a tutorial in video form and would be really happy if you could subscribe to me 😉
If you have any suggestions or if you liked or helped this little "Tips and Tricks for Survival / Arma 2 Dayz Guide", please write to me 😉
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  1. After a fresh spawn you can also try to get weapons and equipment directly in a big city, since you have nothing to lose anyway. It is best to sprint around corners a lot, so that the Zeds lose eye contact for a short time, then you can shake them off with luck. At the water you should save yourself on a jetty, as the Zeds are currently unable to use the jetties and then simply follow you by swimming to the end of the jetty. If they are far enough out, you can quickly escape from the jetty, while the zombies have to swim back to land.

  2. hi, very well described, thank you .. I also play more than ever alone and I looked for a dayz ts clan, now we are almost 4-6 people whenever we go online and thus an (almost) unbeatable team, we are not bandits but coop players who avoid every player, or only play in empty servers or our server with pw, / -> here as a tip for NEWS in dayz: make sure that you only have limited space in your backpack when it is full is and you want to put something in your backpack it just disappears (dayz bug) / then something before you go to various puplic servers make sure that they are empty, because there are 99% Deathmatch / Teamkill servers there, so watch out !, everyone players you meet will kill you! .. sooner or later .. look for a community that is in ts, ideally your own server with password then you don't have the players on your neck but on your side and you go ahead together .. thus only the z obies your problem,

  3. omg I was scared when a zombie spawned on me…. especially it's 4 o'clock in the morning you crawl around in such a small village you found good things just wanted to leave and then you have a zombie on it .. for me it means old f4 task manager off off off !!! So now to your guide, thank you, he's really good, thanks to him, I didn't die before and after the moment from now

  4. yeah mhhhhhhhh yes that's very useful, I'll take these tips to heart aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh at mc donalds are big mac weeks uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwiiiiiiiii eat and gamble

  5. Is ne very good explanation has helped me now I live longer than 5 min xD

    Regarding the subject of zombies and realism, I have to say is unfortunately not that unreal ^^

  6. Hey, just want to tell you that while you are running you can look over your shoulder while holding down the ALT key without having to turn around!