What do I catch my drift means

The first steps

The first steps are not always easy, especially in an FLR. A lot of things may seem wrong and unfamiliar at first, but only those who try something can form an opinion about it. The following instructions should slowly introduce you and you to a functioning and harmonious FLR. I have tried to answer the most important questions that I have come across frequently.

As a woman, why can't I just continue as before?

Find out here why, as a woman, you should definitely not just continue as before if your partner wants an FLR. You will discover that there are many advantages for you to get involved in an FLR.

I'm not dominant, now what?

Find out here why a FLR does not mean that you, as a dominatrix in patent leather and leather, should whip your man.

How do I start an FLR?

Find out here who should take the first steps

Make him talk!

Open and honest communication is the key to any relationship, find out what is important for a FLR here.

The FLR test day

You have decided to try the FLR topic? Then you can learn here how to complete a test day.