Boy who can't stop eating Troy

Can't stop eating in the evening?

Hello everyone, I know there was a similar question before, but it only had one answer ... My problem: I've had the problem for a long time that I'm neither hungry nor full. Between main meals (I don't have any snacks in between meals, except at school), I'm never hungry, and not even before meals. I usually eat anyway, you have to eat something, but then the problem arises that I am not full. i could eat tons. I usually eat something that makes me feel full, but it doesn't fill me up. actually i'm never hungry, so theoretically i could stop, but i really want to feel full. I now try the strategy of skipping one meal and then I'm hungry until the next. but then also a lot, so I'm starving in between. At least this is how I notice when I am no longer hungry after eating, but also not full. so in between. I am still reasonably satisfied because I can feel at least a difference and I can also assess how much I have to eat. My question: should I continue with this strategy or should I stick to the normal main meals and hope that the hunger and feeling of satiety will return on its own? i have to go to the youth check-up j1 (am 13, female) in a few weeks. should I also present my problem there? and above all: what should I do until then? am now really desperate because I feel like I am eating unnecessarily. LG aka901