How to get a global appointment in the outlook

Coronavirus pandemic How to get a vaccination appointment

Anyone who is over 80 years old but does not live in an old people's or nursing home will have to wait a while for their vaccination against the coronavirus. The vaccination centers are set up nationwide. But they will only be able to start work in the course of January.

Registration not yet possible everywhere

In Saxony, many citizens are already asking for a vaccination appointment with the German Red Cross (DRK), which is responsible for the vaccination centers. But that will not be possible until the vaccination centers open in mid-January at the earliest.

Saxony's Minister of Health, Petra Köpping, does not want to commit herself entirely: "Today we are starting January 11th. But I don't want to confirm the date 100 percent. Because something can always come up. That means I have to ask for a little patience again which groups of people can actually be vaccinated. Registration is not yet possible. "

First vaccination doses for nursing homes and clinics

So far, only a tenth of the required vaccine doses have arrived in Saxony to treat the first group alone. The situation is very similar in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. Here, too, the first vaccination doses are being distributed in care facilities and hospitals.

Just like in Saxony, it is currently not possible for those entitled to vaccinate in Saxony-Anhalt to get an appointment at a vaccination center. Here, too, the aim is to open the vaccination centers on January 11th, explains Beate Bröcker, State Secretary in the Ministry of Social Affairs in Saxony-Anhalt: "We will then get 19,500 doses per week, so that more can be vaccinated. Then we will with them Vaccination centers agree that (...) first of all the vaccination centers will be put into operation and then the first appointments will be given to a limited extent via telephone number 116117. As soon as vaccine is available. "

Thuringia starts with online appointment allocation

Some municipalities in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt want to write directly to those entitled to vaccinate and point out the vaccination offer. In Thuringia, appointments can be made online from December 30th. The portal was activated for this purpose. Appointments can also be made by telephone from January 4th.

The first vaccinations will be available from January 13th. Frank Schenker, spokesman for the Thuringian Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, says there will be waiting times at the beginning: "We can initially vaccinate around 10,000 people per week. In this respect, demand will surely exceed supply at the beginning."