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The mermaid

As always, this thread is meant to collect everything important and interesting about the new creature.

updated: 06/30/13

Important innovation in advance

It will Not be able to create mermaids in the Create-One-Sim (CAS), even if you have installed the add-on "Supernatural".

There will be both male and female sea creatures, but for the sake of simplicity I'll only use the term "mermaid" here.

How do I become a mermaid?

1) With the lifetime reward "Mermaid Tang" for 25,000 points you can transform your Sim into a mermaid. After buying the reward, you will find the seaweed in your inventory that you need to eat. After that you will be transformed.

2) Make friends with a mermaid and ask her about magical seaweed. After your Sim has eaten it, it will turn into a mermaid.
There is a 20% chance of meeting a mermaid on a diving property. There is always only one per property.
Alternatively (but less often) you can also meet mermaids on the beach.

3) By a mod (see below).

The looks and needs of mermaids

Mermaids have two different appearances. On the one hand, they have two legs on land, just like any normal Sim, only these are covered with colorful scales. Only when the creature goes into the water does its true appearance emerge, namely the caudal fin (only from teenage years).

The tail fins have different shapes in male and female mermaids.

The scales of the fin are available in different colors, e.g. in blue, pink, lavender, dark blue or green and can be changed on the mirror ("Change scale color"). Likewise the shell shell of the mermaids.

Mermaids have a special need for "watering". You can fulfill this, for example, by swimming in the sea or using the shower / pool on the property.

If the need is not met, your mermaid will begin to dry out. This translates into a negative mood.
Caution should be exercised if your mood changes to "dehydrated" after a long period of time without water contact. Your mermaid will then faint and will to dieshouldn't be watered by other Sims.

In addition, your mermaids need to come into contact with salt water from time to time (about every 2 days).
If this does not happen, your mermaid will get the mood "lack of salt water" and later, if you have still not swum in the sea, the mood "get used to staying on land". If this appears, you still have 48 hours to swim in the sea. Otherwise, your mermaid will turn back into a normal Sim.

If you want to prevent this, as soon as you are a mermaid you can buy the lifetime reward "Mermaid in the long term" for 5,000 points. This means that you no longer need to come into contact with salt water.

Female mermaid

Male mermaid

Babies with the mermaids

Mermaids can also have children.

> 50% chance -> Sim + mermaid
> 100% chance -> mermaid + mermaid

How do I turn back into a normal Sim?

There are three ways you can get back to being an ordinary Sim.

1) Use the "Strong Healing Elixir" from the Supernatural add-on. You can either brew this up at the alchemy station (you can find information on this here), have it sent by a friend, or you can stop by the elixir shop regularly.

2) If your mermaid has not come into contact with salt water for a long time, the mermaid will transform back again (see above).

3) If you have the add-on Supernatural and a talented witch, then she can transform your mermaid back with the magic spell "Heal".

Peculiarities of the mermaids

> As soon as you are a mermaid, you can get "Permanent Mermaid" as a lifetime reward, which means that you no longer have to go into the water regularly and therefore you donโ€™t turn back into a normal Sim
> The diving ability is at the maximum level and you can swim faster than other Sims
> You never get seasick
> Mermaids can dive for as long as they want
> You will not be attacked by sharks or the octopus
> Mermaids eat the same thing as normal Sims, but they prefer seaweed and fish
> One of the hidden islands is known only to mermaids
> If they have the attribute "evil", they can call in sharks.
> You can summon other sea creatures

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