A 1015 error when restoring

The guide on how to beat Error 1015

If you are jerking around with your iPhone with iOs 4.2.1 these days, and want to restore it for fun (or for small or major problems with the software), you should be aware: Apple made nonsense, nothing to restore to 4.2. 1.
It happens (e) often enough that instead of the "recovery successful" "error 1015" appears.
Here I represent the troubleshooting guide! *

First of all the utensils:
iOs 4.1
limera1n (for the jailbreak afterwards)

1.) We open iTunes (iPhone connected), left click + Shift on "Restore" and select the downloaded iOS 4.1.
2.) After the recovery has ended (= abort with error message 1015), we open TinyUmbrella and click on "Exit Recovery".
3.) After the iPhone has rebooted, we should find ourselves in a kind of emergency dialing program. Now we open limera1n and do a jailbreak.
-> Click here for help with jailbreaking <-
4.) The iPhone runs on iOS 4.1 again.

## This method was performed successfully with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS ##

Attention: If you downgrade to 4.1 (and you have to do that with this troubleshooting method), you cannot of course bring your iPhone back to normal with the backup from 4.2.1. You have to configure it as a new iPhone (or maybe someone will still find a backup from the year 4.1).
Anyone who has important things on the iPhone waits until the next software update, then the problems should have subsided.