How to unlock sony ericsson cybershot k850i

Sony Ericsson K850 - user opinions and reviews

finally no more joystick! gd move!
looks really gd ... if only the earpiece cld b like the one with the Walkman series ...
using the K810 now ... just sold off the K800 ...
this K cybershot series simply rocks ...
cant wait!

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  • ntq

no Symbian ???

to sony ericsson please produe a sport rugged mobile phone next like nokia 5500 sport.

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  • pu7

launch it man .... just launch it ...... i want to review the stuff after its actually used by people.

features is good but the design is bad especially d keypad, oh my god is looks like hard to press and pain.boooo ... N95 is d best and nokia is d best ...

i asked SE and they said that k850i only support m2

Hey guys .... I hav luvd SE fr yrs .... I hav usd many SE fnes bt dey hav gvn probs ..... 1st i gt d w800i as sun as it came nd it stpd wrkn d same day i gt it den i gt d k800i as sun as it releasd, it wrkd a few months den stpd coz it had a factory fault ..... Nd nw m usin d w850i nd k618 nd both r wrkn gud nd my nxt phne is d k850i bt i hope it dus nt gve probz lyk my previous fnes .....

I think this phone is fantastic.

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unfortunately, the display color of this phone just 256K ...

no optical zoom on camera yet, like SHARP mobile phones has ..!

ok perhaps monster was the incorrect word but the fact that it is shorter makes the wide & thick aspects appear / feel much worse.

on another note, I have used the N95 and the sliding mechanism feels extremely fragile and for a phone that costs $ 800 + I expect the materials to not feel so cheap. I seriously worried about it breaking after playing w / it for only 2 mins. no way it could stand a fall from any height

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th green led (the one with 2 and 5 inside is the joystick, sony probably heard about people hating their small circular joysticks

I can't wait for my contract to end in Dec. (using K800 right now and i love it) but i am ready for next level cam! Does any one have a good guess to when it will be release?

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@ Dave,

How is the N95 a monster?

It's shorter, but a little wider and a little thicker.

And it only weighs 2 grams more.

How is that a monster and the K850 not?

No phone without an OS can be priced above the 500 range and hope to make it. N95's feature set trumps the K850 hands down with the exception of battery life, size (n95 is a monster), camera flash, and picture quality. i have no need for smartphone but if SE prices this as one you might as well take the smartphone

If priced under $ 600US gaurenteed hit! if over $ 600 only for diehard SE fans

RE: "to Charlie: eeee .... NO"

Why not?

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I will buy this phone the minute its out there! And also the good Sony HGE-100 GPS enabler.

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what the price will it have? if more than 500 euros than N95 will beat this for sure!

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  • S35

i think this phone is an excellent phone i currently have the k800i and am awaiting this phone to come out for my upgrade as it seems to have everything i want roll on october