100% municipal services of the company

Glinicke service GmbH

We are Glinicke

Glinicke Dienstleistungs GmbH is part of the Glinicke automobile group and supports all car dealerships with various services. The company's managing director Ralf Schaub now employs over 120 people.

The company's departments specialize in the automotive trade and include the following topics:

  • Architecture & construction
  • Finance & accounting
  • Disposition
  • EDP ​​& network technology
  • Property Management
  • marketing
  • staff
  • Law
  • Controlling
  • Revision

While the Glinicke car dealerships can concentrate on their core business, the Glinicke service, with a lot of know-how, keeps the colleagues back free and takes care of their concerns in a responsible and binding manner.

What is 3V?

Providing the best service for our customers is our daily aim. We are responsible for all concerns, our statements are binding. The immediate resolution of your concerns and 100% commitment make us trustworthy. Our employees have been working according to this model for 85 years and will continue to work towards success and your satisfaction in the future. The expectations of our customers should not only be met, but exceeded. The guidelines with which we, the Glinicke Automobile Group, are there for our customers are summarized under the "3V": Responsibility, commitment and trustworthiness.

Responsible is each of us for each customer. We act with foresight and take responsibility for people, the environment and society. The employees are the greatest added value for our company. Together we take 100% responsibility for the mobility of each customer. Everyone bears personal responsibility for the success of the company in their area of ​​responsibility as well as in the team.

Commitment through reliability and quick feedback. We keep what we promise. When working with us, you can rely on us to truthfully inform you about the current state of affairs at all times. Our goal is always to successfully complete a process together with you. That gives security for all sides and lets us tackle challenges actively, focused and ambitious.

Trustworthy we are through our behavior as partners for carefree mobility. However, relationships based on trust and partnership do not develop overnight, they have to grow. That is why it is important to us to always be open to other opinions, to put our heart and soul into the matter, to react quickly, and to process customer requests through dedication and commitment above average. It is an agreement to which every employee at Glinicke is committed: to customers, colleagues and all partners.