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Refugees Welcome - Welcome crisis

Here I am composing a “Praise of the Crisis”, an appeal for hope, written in a mood of certainty of victory that paradoxically has arisen in me over the past week.

I no longer know exactly what made the transition from paralyzed horror to this strange feeling of hope and victory. Was it the “redeeming act” of our occupation of the motorway to Hungary? Was it the fact that more and more do-gooders are gradually waking up and that a kind of "rollback" of public opinion is beginning?

The fact is that even before the so-called “border closure” by the German and Austrian governments, one thing became crystal clear to me: the “refugees welcome” summer craze is over. Now a German autumn is beginning and “winter is coming” Slavoi Zizek has already partially recognized it.

There has never been such a concentration of mass immigration, total media control, unrealistic “welcome culture” and the suppression of all criticism. This total overvoltage cannot and could not last forever. The multiculturalists have put everything on one card. With all their might they upheld their ridiculous deception of the “poor refugee”, “enrichment” and the “bad pack”. They desperately cover every media article with the usual mother-and-child stock photos. Your rampage against reality is becoming more and more evident.

Meanwhile, the Fama is racing through the social networks. Standing right on the front lines of the information war, I can say that I have never seen such encouragement, such virality, such a fever. We note unprecedented activity rates on all channels. Sometimes the mood is really tangible for me, the suppressed anger of the people is clearly visible. He's growing and just waiting to be unleashed. The multiculturalists have put everything on one card. If your lie about the “refugee” or your “refugees welcome” fraud falls, it will tear a lot with it.

As it turns out more and more, a considerable number of the “refugees” are actually hungry, sometimes violent young men. According to credible sources, one in 50 has an Islamic terrorist background. But apart from these special cases, the testosterone-charged young men who, according to experts, “gain status as quickly as possible”, i.e. want to make a woman clear, are ticking time bombs. The idea of ​​the western performance society seems to be relatively alien to them, which is not least due to the pedagogically fatal garland reception of the do-gooders. As Gunnar Heinsohn put it, they are “refugees from supplies”.
When arriving in Germany, the “refugees” must have felt as if they were in the land of milk and honey. In front of them lies a filled granary, "guarded" by ethnomasochistic whiners who read every wish from their lips. Everything is free and provided. There is free travel. Vandalism and shoplifting have no consequences.

Immediately, in accordance with trained left-wing photographers, they learned to play with the power of images on the keyboard of emotions. They deliberately hold the few children up to the cameras like trophies. They deliberately drag the scanty (and apparently also permanently threatened with rape) women onto the tracks or in clouds of tear gas in order to provoke the intended images. Soon they will also have learned the two magic words for remote control of the German citizens, "Nazi" and "Auschwitz", like that sympathetic contemporary.

Hundreds of thousands of these people are already in Germany. Countless others are in Europe and will probably end up with us at the end of the day - the border closure is a pure farce. This customer spreads to parts of the world. It penetrates all camps, settlements and favelas. A great “departure” takes place, as Raspail describes it in the “camp of the saints”. The pull that “refugees welcome” triggered will continue for a long time. (A German Neofolker has summarized the whole madness in one song.)

As I see it now, all of this is almost a “gift of fate” for us patriots, conservatives and identities. It's a penalty that we just have to pocket - and we will!

All the considerations we made a few months ago about the Great Exchange clearly showed us that the demise of our ethno-cultural identity (and thus of the democratic constitutional state) is only a matter of time. The prognoses, which mostly agreed somewhere on the years 2030-40 as the "tipping over of the majority", were even more dramatic when viewed in depth. Realistically, with a view to the “migration share” of the immediately following generation, we recognized the next 5-10 years as the last window of time for a change and ourselves as the last generation capable of it.

“Refugees welcome” now falls exactly into this time window. In this historic summer everything that belongs to the complex of the Great Exchange, from mass immigration to Islamization, to the dictatorship of opinion in the media (with disinformation and Nazi clubs) and the loss of control of politics, comes together in a single climax. Above all, it is the obvious ineptitude of politics and their unrealistic, false humility towards humanity that will lead to a real change in awareness among the people, which only needs to be put into words and mobilized.

The facade is already crumbling. Liberal do-gooders such as the founder of the Austrian blog "fisch und fleisch" confesses their naked fear under the hashtag "#wirwachenauf".

She writes: “I'm scared, I'm very scared. A week ago I spoke out in favor of refugees. (...) A friend, a psychiatrist, looks after refugees. She told me that many male refugees would show a high level of violence, literally speaking of a good 30 percent. You are charged, aggressive. "
Ms. Jelincic also recognizes that a good number of the “refugees” are radical Islamists and that targeted recruiting is already beginning.

She admits "Journalists from leading media are encouraged not to report on it in order not to stir up fears." But now she is gripped by the fear herself and she breaks the silence. (In the meantime the own camp has attacked the "traitor". She withdrew her contribution to have it "checked by a lawyer" and meanwhile "apologized" in the style of socialist self-criticism. Here is a screenshot.)

Many more will follow in time. The "identity question" will be in the media permanently for the next 5-10 years thanks to the worsening situation and the imported problem areas. It will be very necessary to bring right-wing parties to power everywhere in Europe or to make them stronger than ever, since they are the only ones who have an answer ready. Patriotic movements like the Identitarians will experience a permanent high and finally advance into the middle of society. Alternative media will expand their already enormous power and become real opinion multipliers.

The desperate caste of the anti-fascist do-gooders and the established politicians, on the other hand, will become the mockery and object of hate of the population. Ms. Jelincic and others are a foretaste of what Gramsci calls the overflow of intellectuals. One day the first "celebrities" will follow and the mood will shift step by step. New alliances and front lines will emerge.

All of these are of course prognoses and “extrapolations” with which one should always be careful in politics. But the crunch in the framework of the FRG in view of the current flood of immigrants indicates that the policy of containment will be futile.
We live in a time of change. We experience the endgame and the final phase of multiculturalism. And we might - that is the point of this article - be able to "survive" them as a people.
As a result of the asylum craze, the Great Exchange does not run in a linear, even increase, but the "y-axis" moves upwards in an uncontrolled manner. There is a peramentous overstimulation, which only needs minor details for a reaction to break out. Mental tightening is no longer a long-term plan that has to be painstakingly built. People thirst for it, they really ask for it and we will give it to them: the ideas, the plot, the slogan and the myth to take to the streets. A kairos opens up.

The political solutions for reversing the trend and reversing migratory flows are clear. A “point of no return” has not yet been reached for a long time. Yes, where is this ominous point anyway? When was it reached and exceeded during the Moorish occupation of Spain? Who said that awakening and turning must take place in one night? We are not fighting for miracles, but for a “turn of the tide”, a change in the course that leads into the abyss today. Time heals all wounds and we have to change the trend so that it works for us. We have to break away from romantic dreams of revolution. The hope of spontaneous regeneration carries us, but the “art of the possible” determines political action.

A fortress Europe is logistically and financially feasible, and negative immigration is theoretically feasible, even within the framework of what already exists. Last year, for example, an average of 800,000 people emigrated to Germany. Of course, this also includes European "internal migration", but overall, many non-Europeans emigrate from Europe "completely naturally" again year after year. In the case of politically discussed measures such as freezing immigration, consistent deportations, deprivation of citizenship for criminals and the unemployed, as well as measures to reduce the economic attractiveness for immigrants, a trend reversal could be established.
Of course there is no going back to the contemplative yesterday. But there may be a tomorrow

All of the measures described and others are necessary not only to preserve the ethno-cultural identity, but also to preserve the democratic constitutional state and its GDP. They impose themselves on security policy and economically and find more and more “neutral”, liberal advocates. But - and that is the second crucial point: this turnaround, the construction of a real fortress Europe and the implementation of remigration is unthinkable among the current political actors. They leaned out too far. They went “all in” and their cards are very bad. The multiculturalists are not able to get rid of the spirits they called. Neither the left-wing “no-border” base and Antifa rioters who drive them before them, nor the imported, demanding “selfugees”.

The suicidal urge of the left, “intellectual elite” will at some point meet the bureaucratic administrative spirit of those who maintain the system. The only question was when and how this meeting would take place. The “refugees welcome” mania brings this “mode of defense” of the western state within reach. Assimilating what can be assimilated, integrating what can be integrated and “remigrating” everything else is the cold, sober formula behind the growing number of “critical voices” from the middle. Remote control of this “awakened golem” in such a way that it not only saves the state but also our identity is not impossible.

I hear from many informants that grumbling is getting louder and louder in the civil service, police and army. The "executive", which has to pay for what politics and functional elites decide in unworldly, moral complacency, will not put up with it forever. However, these parties can no longer take the turn towards self-preservation, towards what is economically and politically sensible. The more unified and united they stand behind their lies, the more complete and comprehensive their great fall, for which other, fresh actors are already lurking.

Every terrorist attack, every rape, every “refugee riot” - and all of this is coming our way - will keep “our topic” in the media for weeks and months. Every blow will put the opinion makers in shock (we remember Charlie Hebdo), will unsettle new do-gooders, and drive loosened “liberal” material into “our camp”. The unhealthy tension between reality and ideology into which the destroyers of Europe have maneuvered is untenable in the long run. For them there is no turning back, no more “relaxing”, no more compromise. It will snap with a bang.
Of course I can be wrong too. The mood can be deceiving me. The tightening may not materialize and the bureaucrats could once again contain the madness of the ideologues. But all the signs and the forecasts of all economists speak a different language. (This video of an SPD functionary speaks an even clearer language.) We have already irreversibly entered a phase of loss of control and chaos from which I see no real way out other than the Reconquista. This Reconquista is not what foreigners and other marginalized groups should be afraid of. Above all, it means the end of the ruling power elite and the spiritual and cultural recapture of the center that we as identitarians and patriots are entitled to.

We will not forget anything. We have warned, fought and suffered for decades. We have shown peaceful and humane ways that would have prevented the coming disasters. We predicted all dangers and were insulted and persecuted for it. You covered your ears and chose the path of chaos. Now they are getting their mess. If they, who joined in the "welcome" noise just a few weeks ago, suddenly feel the "great fear", they are only right. What they did not want to hear from the “right wing” for decades, reality now ruthlessly hits them in the face.

One thing is certain: we will not save them. If in the end they "wake up" in the horror they created themselves and call us for help, we will not come. We have better things to do. Sottofasciasemplice got it right to the point with her brilliant song "Come mai" (a musical "army camp of the saints"), as it can only be done in Italian:

Vi chiederete: «Come may? Come ...
ma noi non vi risponderemo,
veniteci a cercare,
ma noi non ci saremo
(all text translated)


My appeal is: let's enjoy the crisis! Let's breathe their air to the fullest. Our lungs are made for it. It is our time and we are born for it. The stuffy boredom disappears and the atmosphere becomes sharper and clearer. It is poisonous for others and invigorating for us. The next 10 years are a great time. A time full of turmoil, demos, occupations, advances, setbacks, suffering and passion, humiliation and victories.

The next 10 years will bring such a fundamental and irreversible decision as never before. We are the bearers and executors of this decision - born into the Kairos. And the signs point to victory. "Just no relapse into infirmity, into latent, into endurance."
Anyone who does not take action now is sinning against their fate.