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Mixture of a Haki and a worm monster


sneaky, helpful

Wild was a member of the evil troops. He joined the evil troops because he was jealous of Haki and Fairy; he, Haki, Fairy and he are comarads from yesteryear. After Haki has destroyed the badge of the bad troops, he decides to help Fairy with the children. His first appearance is in episode 55, Haki's past.


Wild is a monster that resembles a rabbit. Its body is dark brown. The face is dark brown and has light brown quarrels, around the mouth its fur is white. The nose is black. The arms are dark brown, the inside of the arms is white. The inside of the ears is white and the edge is dark and light brown. The torso is white and dark brown. The belly is light brown. The thighs are white and the legs are dark brown. The eyes are black and the iris is red.


Haki, Fairy and Wild are camarads who broke into the warehouses of the evil troops together and took back the things the other monser had stolen. One day the trio wanted to break into a huge warehouse. However, she was taken by surprise by the evil troops who set the warehouse on fire. Haki couldn't find his friends in the flames - he only found Fairy's yellow collar.


In episode 55, Haki's past, Fairy re-joins his friends Haki and Wild. Genki, Holly, Suezo, Mocchi, Golem, Tiger and Haki are on their way to the next town because they are hungry. However, the prize money from the last fight is almost used up and Suezo wonders if Haki has some money hidden in his bag. Genki, Holly, Suezo and Mocchi want to know what's in Haki's bag. Haki only gives them bells and whistles in response. Suddenly, Haki's bag is stolen by a small dinosaur. They follow the dinosaur and then Haki discovers Fairy, behind whom dinosaur is hiding. Haki tells his friends about his camarads. Fairy says that she narrowly escaped from the flames and had to flee from the evil troops and ended up in a town where she took care of children and monsters who had lost their parents. Since the children have little to eat, Genki and his friends in town want to raise money when they discover game, who is also a camarade of Haki. You save him and take him to Fairy. Wild tells them that evil troops have a warehouse full of food and jewels. During the night the trio breaks up and they fall into a trap of the black floras. Genki and his friends want them. The black Floras want the secret stone and when Haki tries to attack them, Wild Fariy threatens. He's joined the evil troops because he's jealous of Haki and Fairy. Wild has led Haki and Fairy into a trap then and this time. Fairy is able to free himself and Haki destroys the Wilds badge of the evil troops. Meanwhile, Genki and his friends want the secret stone back. Wild realizes that Fairy is equally fond of Haki and Wild and comes to her senses. Wild decides to help Fairy with the children.


Background knowledge

  • Wild wore a blue scarf.