What does coach with blank faces mean

Team with two faces

Sinsheim - Raul Bobadilla doesn't have a bad sense of direction, he just wanted to get rid of something. That is exactly why he ran after his opening goal (12th) not to the 4,000 Gladbach fans in the guest area, but straight to the standing block of the Hoffenheim sympathizers.

That is where the decisive television camera stood, in front of which the Argentinean, completely uninhibited, pounded the club's coat of arms over his chest and sent kissing hands in the direction of the Rhineland.

Gladbach struggles with fate

At this point he could not have known that his team would end the game with two men less and the opponent with three more points. Borussia remains on the lookout for constancy and once again struggled with fate after the final whistle. Once again they started well and were clearly the better team for one half. And once again you ended up with empty hands.

"We showed a very good first half in which we kept Hoffenheim's attacking group in check and only allowed one chance," said coach Michael Frontzeck aptly. "Then we let ourselves be countered. We ourselves contributed a lot to the fact that we couldn't win the game."

Highly concentrated first half

Indeed: The red card, which Juan Arango got after kicking Sead Salihovic's abdomen, finally put Borussia on the losing track - the fact that Sebastian Schachten had to leave after an emergency brake made things even more difficult: At the end of eight men it got complicated, "said Frontzeck," Hoffenheim made good use of it and in the end earned it.

What remains is the realization that the team is actually too strong to vegetate in the regions of relegation. Borussia had delivered a highly concentrated first half against a Hoffenheim team that had apparently not expected such an energetic opponent. The stunned Hoffenheim team were consistently doubled, Thorben Marx and especially Michael Bradley, who were sometimes rightly scolded in the defensive midfield this season, cleared what was to be cleared. And it was always dangerous at the front too.

Have to spoon out the soup together "

In short: The first half of Borussia was so good that the local fans got quite angry and sent their team into half time with loud whistles. Michael Frontzeck also knows that even the best half-time turns into a pattern without value when unrestrains ruin overall success, who not for the first time this season has complained about the mismatch between effort and income: "For the performance that we have so far in this season we have too few points. It will be a complicated season because the league is so close. "

Defender Tobias Levels, on the other hand, forced himself to put the positive in the foreground: "It was seen that the morale is intact, that we were twice short to 2: 3." And hit the tenor that the sports director also specified: "The two red cards mean that two more players are missing, but we have a large squad that we trust," said Max Eberl. "The lads who were last behind can now show how good they are against Werder Bremen. We now have to spoon up the soup that we got ourselves into together again."

Christoph Ruf reports from Sinsheim