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FFXIV: Airships: Explorations


We need fuel!

As in real life, the airship also needs fuel. Just what does an airship need in Final Fantasy XIV?

Right, Erdseim! But where do we get it from?

Quite simply, everyone is sure to be that "Adventurer Puppet No. 014" noticed in the society workshop.

We receive one from her "Erdseim-Fass" For "100 Society Thaler" the piece.

For 9,900 company thalers you get 99 Erdseim barrels, that's enough for a while.

How many Erdseim barrels you need for an exploration depends on how far the selected sector is from the starting point and how many sectors you are heading for when exploring.



Again, the planning desk in the company workshop is our goal.

In addition to the explorations, you can also replace components of the airship, repair components and much more.


Fly to the diadem:
A content with 3 levels of difficulty, the 3 level being exclusively for free companies.

Go exploring:
At this point you send the airship on an exploration.

Report of the last exploration:
You can look again at the logbook of the airship, where you can see exactly what happened during the exploration.

Replace components:
The components of the airship can be exchanged at any time, but you have to consider the current level of the airship.

Repair components:
The airship components can be repaired here, as the airships are not durable for ever.

Color components:
You don't have to use the standard colors of the components, you can even assemble a completely pink airship.

A name change and other settings are possible here.


The individual options are all very clear and self-explanatory.

Our goal is here "Go exploring" which brings us to the planning menu for the explorations.

The sectors

We have a total of 24 sectors available for exploration.

We have to activate the individual sectors, or rather the airship, before they can be controlled.

In order to make the flight time effective, it is also important not to simply send the airship into any sectors, but also to ensure that the sectors fit together in terms of the route.

Not every sector is automatically linked to every sector.

We send the airship to explore Sector 12 and Sector 14, so the airship flies first to the east and then to the west.

It would be more effective to send the airship to Sector 10 and Sector 12 or Sector 11 and Sector 14, as these sectors are connected to each other.

The following map can be used to determine the correct routes:

The sectors are unlocked by visiting the respective connected sectors, but this can take several attempts.

Before we start, we get an overview of the sectors that are controlled, how much routine they bring to the airship, as well as how many earthen barrels are needed and when the airship will return.


The return time can of course be improved by exchanging components.

As soon as an airship returns, you get an overview of the exploration of the airship.
How much is the scoring of the exploration, how much routine has the airship received for the exploration and which items the airship was able to collect during the exploration.
Certain sectors also offer the option of unlocking additional airships. (Marked with a star on the map)



The components of an airship also need repairs again and again. Stand for "Magitek repair kits" to disposal.

There are two ways to get this:

  • Buy for gil on the market board, but this can also go into the gil bag
  • Do it yourself, any artisan class can make Magitek repair kits


The items

The airships can collect many different items.

Items that are only intended for the company workshop, to acquire new construction plans or to manufacture material for the production plant.

But also materia in large quantities as well as mounts or material for new furnishings for houses or apartments.

Click on the airship to find a list of all items and other useful information.



Source item list: forum.square-enix.com

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