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Senta Berger "That was my husband, my hold, my lover, my everything!"

Senta Berger (79) took her life into her own hands very early on. As a young backfish in drama school, Berger learned the hard way to keep her goals in view: "I shaped my life very early on. The discipline you learn at the theater - whether you like it or not: you learn it or you fly out of there - that's my corset, my backbone, even today. " In addition to her long-term marriage to Michael Verhoeven (82), this is the secret of success of a Senta Berger.

Berger's self-confident demeanor was vital for the 79-year-old's everyday life as an actress. Senta Berger had to be aware of the broad spectrum of sexual abuse in her professional career and was able to successfully defend herself in many cases. Years before the #MeToo debate, the character actress spoke openly about the taboo topic in her book "I knew I could fly" - and also mentioned familiar names.

Married since 1966: Senta Berger and Michael Verhoeven are one of the few happy celebrity couples who have long been married. Click the video below to find out more about the two and other happy celebrity marriages!

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Hollywood wanted Senta Berger as a sex bomb

In Hollywood, Berger was supposed to give the sex bomb, marketed under the belittling term of the "German Miss Wonder". But the Viennese woman was often able to view threatening situations with a pinch of humor, which Berger "saved for a lifetime". However, she was not always able to maintain a healthy distance from the perpetrator: "This sometimes gives rise to empathy for the other, even if the other has tormented you: Where did that come from? The cause has always interested me more than what happened."

Senta Berger: "I also handed out slaps"

"But mostly it's not about degrading sexuality, but about how badly you treat people. It's always about power, the abuse of power, about dependency - as in any job. If you are treated badly, then you have to defend yourself. I also slapped people in the face. " The young Berger once showed a Viennese director where the fun is over: "You turn around and hit him! I'm strong! He was very astonished - and laughed! I think flirting is wonderful, but you have to know where it ends and where the rudeness begins. "

The three can no longer implement this wish: Before Hannelore Elsner's death, a large film project with Germany's greatest actresses Hannelore Elsner († 76), Senta Berger and Iris Berben (69) had been planned.

The "Kir Royal" actress raves about her husband Michael Verhoeven

In her collaboration with O.W. Fischer, "an absolute idol for me", so Berger, turned out to be a particular disgust towards women: "If I were uncontrolled, I would understand, but so humiliating - you have to have more control over a young woman." Senta Berger struggled with himself: "I had to keep shooting with him, at first there was a lot of silence, but later it was really given to me to hold him accountable. I think that was the first time he thought about what he bears responsibility as a man, as an actor, as a star. "

The happy marriage with her husband has always given the "Kir Royal" actress security and self-confidence in all the dicey situations: "I found the balance very early on, that you give yourself up and give everything when you do your job, but that There is also a private life that only belongs to you. And I was with Michael Verhoeven from 1964. That was my husband, that was my hold, that was my lover, that was everything to me! I was absolutely inviolable and that I broadcast. "

Michaela May also mourns her friend Hannelore Elsner: In the video below, the actress is close to tears in memory of Hannelore.