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Ha, you're sorry? Are you sorry? You kill my brother, and you say you're sorry? Let me tell you something. The job offer, it didn't upset me. It amused me. Ooh ... big job at the illustrious HHM. A chance to play at the palace! With little old me? (...) You have no idea what's going on! You're a teensy, tiny man in a teensy-weensy little bubble! (...) Oh, don't you fucking, "Oh, Jimmy," me! You look down on me, you pity me! Walk away. That's right, Howard! You know why I didn't take the job? 'Cause it's too small! I don't care about it! It's nothing to me! It's a bacterium! I travel in worlds you can't even imagine! You can't conceive of what I'm capable of! I'm so far beyond you! I'm like a god in human clothing! Lightning bolts shoot from my fingertips!
- Jimmy Taunting Howard.[src]

James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill, better known by his professional alias Saul Goodman, ("Magic Man") is the former principal attorney of Saul Goodman & Associates and the husband of Kim Wexler. He operated out of a cheap strip mall office and ran over-the-top late night TV commercials advising potential clients that they'd "Better Call Saul" when in trouble with the law. Despite his ads seeming tacky and cheap, Saul was an effective lawyer, using illegal tactics and dirty schemes to get his clients released or acquitted.

Saul was born in Cicero, Illinois on November 12, 1960 as James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill. His older brother, Chuck, became a successful lawyer as one of the name partners at an Albuquerque law firm, Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. Jimmy became a scam artist in Cicero and soon gained the nickname "Slippin 'Jimmy" for staging "slip and fall" accidents to make quick cash. Jimmy eventually runs into trouble with the police and Chuck returns to help, but only on the condition that Jimmy joins him in Albuquerque and works a legitimate job in HHM's mailroom. There, Jimmy befriends Kim Wexler, an HHM employee who is attending law school. Inspired by her success, Jimmy completes his college degree and attends a correspondence law school. He passes the bar exam and hopes to be hired at HHM, but at Chuck's secret instigation, senior partner Howard Hamlin denies Jimmy the opportunity. Jimmy then starts a solo practice in the utility room of a Vietnamese nail salon. He takes whatever cases he can get his hands on, including low paid public defender work. Jimmy frequently gets into altercations with the stoic Mike Ehrmantraut, a former Philadelphia police officer working the tollbooth at the courthouse's parking lot.

Jimmy begins to use the alias "Saul Goodman", a play on the phrase "(It) 's all good, man". He initially uses it as the alternate identity for the high-energy pitchman in TV ads he produces during the suspension of his law license, and later when he begins a business reselling prepaid cell phones on the street. Several years later, he becomes the lawyer and advisor for meth cooks Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, getting them out of several difficult situations. Often dressed in flashy suits, Saul boasts extensive connections within Albuquerque's criminal underworld, and serves as a go-between connecting drug distributors, evidence removers, impersonators, and other criminals-for-hire. He arranges for Walt to launder drug money through Walter White Jr.'s website (SaveWalterWhite.com) and dispatches Mike to coach Jesse and dispose of any incriminating evidence in his apartment after his girlfriend Jane overdoses.

Saul became a trusted consigliere to Walt, helping launder drug money for Walt and, later, his wife Skyler. Saul expanded Walt's profits by arranging for the latter to supply crystal meth in bulk to Albuquerque drug dealers via Mike, who was himself consigliere to local kingpin Gustavo Fring. Eventually, however, Walt's criminal secrets were discovered by his brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader, and despite attempts to protect him from arrest and Jesse's wrath after discovering Walt's poisoning of Brock, Saul was forced to abandon his life as a criminal lawyer. With the help of the criminal extractor Ed Galbraith, Saul fled to Omaha, Nebraska, and began a new life as Gene Takavic, the manager of a Cinnabon restaurant, living in constant fear of exposure and arrest, as well as regret over losing his past life.


Background information

Jimmy was born to Ruth and Charles McGill, Sr in the Chicago suburb of Cicero, Illinois. He is of Irish descent. His older brother, Chuck McGill, graduated college and became a successful lawyer in Albuquerque. When he was young, Jimmy worked for his father at his small corner store and watched as scam artists repeatedly fleeced his father. After one of them offered young Jimmy a life lesson about wolves and sheep, he began stealing money from the family till ("Inflatable"). Over the following years, Jimmy embezzled nearly $ 14,000 from the store, which eventually led to its closure. Six months later, Jimmy's father died, and according to Chuck, nobody cried harder than Jimmy at the funeral. ("Rebecca") Jimmy would eventually get over this however and he showed little remorse for his parents losing their store, blaming his father due to his over-excessive generosity, completely ignoring his own actions in its demise. ("Slip") Chuck would secretly blame his younger brother for the closure of the store and their father's death.("Chicanery")

In his teenage years, Jimmy began to play his own scams to get quick money. In one of his most famous scams, Jimmy would find the most slippery patches of ice every winter, stage a fall, and earn himself a fair amount of money, which earned him the nickname "Slippin 'Jimmy" ("U.N"). In another one of his scams, Jimmy (using his future alias "Saul Goodman") worked with his close friend Marco Pasternak to trick others into trading cash for fake Rolex watches ("Hero"). Jimmy also ran into illicit ID forgery business in high school ("Nailed"). He was married at one point, but divorced his wife when she cheated on him with a guy named Chet, who happened to owe Jimmy money. One day, Jimmy got drunk and encountered Chet at the local Dairy Queen, and decided to perform a "Chicago Sunroof" (defecating through the sunroof of a car) as revenge. Unbeknownst to him, however, Chet's children were in the back seat. Even worse, Chet had ties to the local prosecutors, and Jimmy was quickly brought in by the police on charges of property damage, assault, and sex offenses. Jimmy was booked and put in pre-trial detention.

Chuck traveled from Albuquerque to visit Jimmy at the request of their mother. Jimmy begged Chuck to make the charges disappear through legal loopholes. Although originally reluctant, Chuck agreed to help after Jimmy admitted that, if he didn't get out of his situation, his life would be over. Chuck agreed on the condition that Jimmy leave Cicero and find a legitimate job in Albuquerque, and warned him not to make a fool out of Chuck after getting out ("Nacho")