Quoting people who post everything on Facebook

5 things people with low self-esteem often post on Facebook

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat ... there are many social networks on which we share our "experiences" with our friends. And the disproportionate benefit we derive from these networks has made a number of behaviors socially acceptable that constantly put us in the spotlight and that Concept of privacy lead to absurdity. Just like couples who are really happy with each other post very little or nothing on facebook, healthy people who are in tune with themselves have little need to unite with the "social" masses. Here are 5 things that only people can do with one low self-esteem keep posting on the internet.

1. Always tell everyone where you are.

From the supermarket to travel. The mania of always having to tell everyone where you are and how much you are having fun there is one of many ways that show that you need to stage a picture of yourself as a person who experiences an incredible amount and has an incredibly full life. It's a shame that you can't really get the experience through all of the filming and photography.

2. Take selfies in the gym.

The self-staging is self-explanatory.

3. Post photos of what you are eating or cooking.

Taking photos of just about anything you eat is really a very common bad habit. This is where the term "Food Porn" originated. It describes the display of food in multimedia content. We recommend that you concentrate more on what you actually have on your plate instead of watching how many likes a food pic you post gets.

4. Today I was shopping ...

Posting all the purchases you have made on Facebook not only shows that you would like to be part of current fashion but also that you have not yet understood how unimportant such material things are, which you are probably too attached to.

5. Selfie mania

There are several theories about how to take the perfect selfie. But people with the mania of having to take a photo of themselves every 5 minutes and that with a relatively artificial and unnatural-looking pose in order to always be able to deliver the best profile photo is a sign of deep uncertainty.

The sad thing behind these behaviors is that they are symptoms of our insecurity. This uncertainty is human and important, but it seems that we are less and less able to recognize and process it ...