How to remove speed limiter Toyota

Speed ​​limiter


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Hello !

I have a question, does anyone use the speed limiter?

What is it good for?

If you use the speed limiter you can't use ACC, can you?

So I don't have an ACC, but I use it a lot on construction sites. Then just set it 10 km / h above allowed ... because I think cruise control is crap on the construction site. But you can't go too fast like this ...

I find the limiter more practical in heavy traffic or in urban areas than pure cruise control without ACC. It helps not to exceed the speed limit, but you can still react flexibly to the traffic without having to constantly click up and down. I find that much more pleasant and intuitive with the accelerator.

The ACC makes the limiter superfluous.

I only use the limiter with a trailer. I set the limiter to 120km / h so that, for example, when overtaking, I really don't get over 110km / h.

PS: Trailer has Tempo 100 approval.

I use the limiter to save fuel in the city. I set ECO profiles and limiters. Due to the limiter, I cannot exceed the maximum permitted speed and I can swim well with the traffic and use the freewheel.


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That's not true. I can use the cruise control umpteen times in a row ...

scnr: p

It was about the simultaneous use ...;)

Greetings Kurt

Only know the speed limiter from BMW from personal experience. There, the set speed limit can be overridden and thus exceeded by setting the accelerator at full throttle.

How is that regulated at VW?

Through the thread I noticed that I also have a speed limiter: D

What is still conclusive to me, however, what is it good for?

For example, if I enter 100 km / h in the cruise control, the vehicle will go 100 km / h.

In the speed limiter, for example, if I enter 100km / h, I logically won't get over 100km / h, except as described above.

What I lack about the whole story is the benefit.


Not so bad for the city ... Set 60 in the limiter and the rigid box (radar box) remains quiet! : D

Greetings Kurt

I used it once for testing, never again afterwards. My cruise control with ACC works just as well in the city. In my last car without ACC, the cruise control was enough for me in the city ...

The fact that the limiter exists at all has more to do with the Euro-NCAP than with a practical benefit. If a limiter is installed, there is another special point in the safety assistance systems.