When can I submit the form 8863?

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In particular, because you can screw up a lot here by missing a deadline and incorrect recognition, I recommend that you contact a good labor lawyer immediately (if necessary, ask a union)
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Contact the labor court responsible for your place of residence. You can file the lawsuit directly there. Since it is not necessary to have a lawyer in the first instance, the costs are also lower. In addition, there is always a grace appointment before a negotiation. Here you can also be told in advance how good the chances are for a lawsuit or whether your legal opinion is perhaps completely wrong and the lawsuit is accordingly hopeless.
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To do this, you turn directly to the labor court. They have a legal application office that you can turn to and they will then prepare the application. It's free for you too. If you want to be represented by a lawyer anyway, your lawyer can also file the lawsuit for you.
It depends on why you want to sue, unfortunately you did not state that. In general, a lawyer represents his own interests in court in the event of a dispute. If you want to sue for open invoices, you can also contact a debt collection agency who will take care of these matters for you.
You have to file a complaint in duplicate. You should use the help of a lawyer for this. You have to submit this to the legal application offices of the labor courts. There you can also get advice from the Rechtspfleger, if necessary, on what needs to be included in the application and which forms are required. Good luck
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