92cm correspond to the bust size

Determine bra size - the 1 × 1 of taking the right measurements

To be able to calculate your bra size, it is important to know your measurements. How you should measure, which dimensions you need and in which size you can sort yourself, you will find out in this amount.

To be able to measure yourself you need a measuring tape.

If you don't have one available, you can also use an inelastic band, the important thing is that it doesn't stretch. You can mark the measured widths on the tape and measure with a ruler.



To take measurements, you need two measurements.

1. The underbust width
2. The bust

It is best to stand in front of your mirror in your underwear so that you can see whether your measuring tape is correctly positioned around your body. It is also important to note when measuring that you measure yourself while standing, that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and in the bra that is only lightly lined or has no lining at all.

Why measure in the bra?

The bra lifts the chest and increases the size of the bust. We all know gravity ... and measuring you without a bra would simply falsify the measurement, especially for large cup sizes. But even with small cups, I would recommend that you measure yourself in your bra.


Measure the underbust width

Measured just below your chest. You should take the measurement while exhaling. Because when you breathe in, your chest gets wider and so does your size, which can then falsify your correct bra size.
You can pull the measuring tape a little tighter here, as the underbust band should lie around your body with a good pull, but not constrict.


Measure bust

Measured over the strongest part of the chest. It is best to use the measure between inhaling and exhaling. Then you have a good mean and your chest has enough space in the cup.
The measuring tape should be in contact when measured. So neither pull too tight nor too loose. It is not worth pulling tight, because then the cup will be too small and too loose will not do anything because the cup will be too big.


The evaluation of the measured dimensions

There are two methods how you can now calculate or determine your (preliminary) bra size. The first method is based on a table and the second method requires a little math.

Why provisional bra size?

You thought no matter which bra you try now will fit perfectly from now on? Well, it's not that simple. As with clothing, the sizes vary depending on the company. Some cut a little larger, the others a little smaller. But so that you know which size category you are in, it is simply an advantage if you know how bra sizes work or are structured.


Calculate or determine bra size

Method 1:

You can use this table to determine your size.

First, determine your underbust measurement. For example you measured 76cm so you are between 73-77cm. That means you need a 75 for the bra size.

Now we can determine your cup size. For example, you measured 92cm with your bust size. According to the table, this is a C cup.

This now means that you have a 75 C (as a preliminary size).


Method 2:

You can read the size for the underbust from the table above and calculate your cup size as follows:
The measured bust size minus the underbust size. If your result looks like this:

12-14 cm = cup A
14-16 cm = cup B
16-18 cm = cup C
18-20 cm = cup D
20-22 cm = cup E.
22-24 cm = cup F.
24-26 cm = cup G
26-28 cm = cup H

To give another example, I'll use the numbers from method 1. Underbust size is clear, you can determine that using the table above.

For the cup size you have to calculate 92 cm (bust) minus 76 cm (underbust). That makes 16cm. In this case, that would be a large B cup or a small C cup.

As you can see, a similar result comes out here. But as mentioned above, the bra size calculation should show you a direction. Ultimately, you can only find your true size by trying it on.

By Josefine