What happened to Maria Altmann's husband

Husband to the nursing home. What is left for the wife to live with?

You cannot fix the deductible to a certain amount. So not like with seizures.

The wife now has to apply for public funds. She has to state exactly how much money she has to have available per month for rent, food, etc.
This is usually taken into account, unless the apartment is very large and very expensive.

€ 5,000 may be available per partner.
By the way, the bank statements of the last 3 months must be attached to an application and for withdrawals over 2000 €, at least in Bavaria, receipts will now be requested for what the money was used for.

If you apply for housing benefit, this will certainly be taken into account.

And should the wife have life insurance, she will have to terminate it and use that money to care for the husband before the state grants any benefit. Real estate, on the other hand, is usually protected.

There are social consultation hours in the respective districts, so the wife should make an appointment and get advice

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