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Fancy 3 Texture Pack

The Fancy 3 Resource Pack by oakar258 is one of the most popular recently updated packs for Minecraft. Fancy contains textures that are beautifully designed and quite realistic in appearance. The whole package is very appealing and pretty overall. Especially if you, like us, decide to use a shader mod. Every building that you have already created or are about to create now looks creative, beautiful and realistic with this texture pack!

The Fancy Resource Pack series has been around for quite a while. The first Fancy Resource Pack managed to take everything to a whole new level with its high resolution textures, and the second version then did so on an even larger scale. Now the third release in this series has been released and it is certain that it will reach new heights. Fancy 3 is a pack that you just have to try out if you're a gamer who doesn't compromise on details and looking for a texture pack that takes the graphics of the default Minecraft to a whole new level.

The crucial aspect of Fancy 3, of course, is the fact that it packs its textures with an incredible amount of detail. The Fancy Resource Packs always had to offer a lot of detail in their textures, but version 3 raises everything again in terms of quality. It would be worth noting that the block textures in this particular pack have actually been completely redesigned, and this was a wise decision by all means as the redesigned textures look downright spectacular, especially when combined with the bright and vibrant color palette that this texture pack has to offer.

As expected, the Fancy 3 resource pack comes with a high resolution of 512 × 512. Therefore, it must be clear to you in advance that you will need a high-end computer to run this pack at an acceptable frame rate without any problems.



Download for Minecraft 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dcl3esib2ab69/public

We also have the shader "SEUS“Used for our pictures. This makes this resource pack look even better! According to the developer, it is more advisable to use the OptiFine Shader-Mod, as the pack addresses separate features of the shader.

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