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How to tell a girl doesn't like you: 11 signs you can't ignore

Girls like to have friends in their life but do you know how to know if a girl doesn't like you? The signs are there, you just have to see them.

We've all heard of the book and movie He's just not in you belongs. A phenomenon a decade ago, for the first time, a man came out to tell women that their friends are blowing smoke. When you ask your friend you think he likes me and she says "yes" even though all the signs say no, it's not fair. What he did was keep an eye out for the signs men send to women when they are not interested. And likewise, if you're wondering how to tell if a girl doesn't like you so you can retire forever, you've come to the right place.

The problem is that there was no counter-book saying, "She just isn't that into you." Men have a tendency to think women are mysterious creatures, but the truth is that we're pretty predictable by nature. Once you figure out how we think and what motivates us, you have the key to freeing the female species.

How To Know If A Girl Doesn't Like You - The Easiest Ways To Read Her Mind

I don't have the magic key but what I have are the signs screaming that a girl isn't that into you. You can keep telling yourself a good story or ignore the "walk away" behaviors if you want. But if you want to know how a girl dislikes you, you can find the answers below.

# 1 She doesn't text you back. Women are communicative creatures. When someone writes to us, we feel obliged to answer them, unless, of course, we don't like them. If a girl doesn't return your text messages, don't believe her when she says that she forgot to come back to you or that she has been very busy lately.

If she doesn't answer your texts, then it's a sure sign that she just doesn't have that in you. Eventually, even girls who try to play hard will answer that it might just take a while.

# 2 She's always busy. Sure, she could be professional and climb the corporate ladder, but when a girl likes someone she makes them a priority in her life. If she keeps telling you that there is no way she can get together because she's so busy, then maybe you should consider making excuses for not wanting to see you. This is a classic sign to look out for when learning how to know if a girl doesn't like you.

# 3 She doesn't show up in the same old places . Women are creatures of habit too. When we have a favorite hangout, we tend to flock to the same places unless there is someone or something we're trying to avoid.

If you keep trying to run into her and make it look like an accident I'm not going to her old show, then chances are she'll avoid you. If she's not going to the places you used to hang out in, this is a great tip on how to tell if a girl doesn't like you.

# 4 She leaves when you show up. When you walk into a facility and they don't get out the door fast enough, they'll try hardest to ignore and avoid you. Women don't like confrontation, they don't like telling someone they don't like and they hurt their feelings. Avoidance is one of our favorite behaviors. If we continue to avoid a boy, we assume that at some point they will take the hint. So, take the clue.

# 5 She tries to explain all of her bad qualities to you. Often times, when a girl doesn't like a guy, she will point out all the things that are wrong with her. She will downplay all of her good qualities and make sure that she never sleeps long, she smokes and that she is not a good friend.

Pointing out all of her flaws is one way of telling you that should find someone who suits you better, or that she just isn't into you.

# 6 She avoids being alone with you. This is a huge tip for finding out if a girl doesn't like you. If she always says things like, "I'll meet you there," or if she never wants to hang out with you or in your house alone, then she probably doesn't like you.

A girl who is nice and likes you, but not in a romantic way, doesn't want to hurt your feelings. So it won't be blunt. Not wanting to be alone with you is just a sign that she isn't trying to give you the wrong impression.

# 7 She doesn't do anything special when you are met . She might be interested in being your boyfriend, but not your girlfriend. If she doesn't make an effort to dress up or spice up when you go out together, then you've probably hit the "friend zone" and she isn't that interested in you.

There are other pointers she sends you, but if she's too casual, if you see her without making an effort to get together, you're probably not on the same "level of interest" which is a very important tip on how one recognizes a girl doesn't like you.

# 8 She always speaks to other girls. If a girl is interested in you, then she wants all your attention and becomes jealous when you talk about other girls. If she's not just on board with you talking about other girls in your life - friends or not - then she's probably not romantic with you.

If she's pointing out the positives in the girls around you, in your life, and hers, then she's likely not going to be trying to get with you anytime soon.

# 9 She always brings someone else with her . If she's always accompanied by a different friend every time you meet, then that's a big sign that she isn't into you. Girls bring friends to create a buffer. It makes no difference whether it is a guy or a girl, a single friend or a group, if she always brings a companion with her, then she will avoid serious conversations with you. Or have a romantic bond with you.

# 10 She won't introduce you to her friends and family. A girl who is interested in a guy can't wait to show them to her family and friends. Even so, she won't want to introduce you to mom and dad right away * probably because she's ashamed of them or doesn't want to put you under pressure.

But, if you're ready to make your appearance and she has nowhere to take you, or she is picking out places that are off the beaten path, then she is probably trying to avoid contact with others in her life. While that's a sign that she wants you alone, it's probably a sign of how to know if a girl doesn't like you.

# 11 She doesn't flirt or touch you . Not every girl is squeamish, but if it's been a while and she still isn't flirting with you or touching you, then she's probably thinking that you are nothing more than a friend. If she can be around you without reaching out to you and touching you, then there's little chance she'll be interested in you.

Nobody wants to admit when someone isn't on them, but don't make the girl come right out and say it. There are signs that she's not into you and you shouldn't ignore her. Instead, hug her. No matter how much you like her, if she just doesn't like you, there is someone out there who will be better.

Now that you have a few tips on how to know if a girl doesn't like you, keep your eyes open and ears open. It's not cool to climb around at every level to rummage around, so just don't do it.