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How long does concrete need to harden before it can be loaded?

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    We're building a garage.

    The foundation will be poured soon, as it is slightly below zero.

    I was told you had to wait some time for the foundation to harden before you could put the garage on top of it.

    If time was running out, we would need "lightning concrete" - it would dry in 24 hours.

    Unfortunately, I was not told how long "some time" was.

    Does anyone (or someone) happen to know how long normal concrete takes at these temperatures (and humidity, sleet, etc.)?

  • Hello,

    my Kusa is also building and its foundation had to harden for 3 weeks. But maybe a house is different from a garage.


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  • Don't you have to have plus grades for a concrete foundation? ? - (

    This is definitely the case with exterior plaster, otherwise cracks could appear. I might have concerns, but the construction company will already know (and hopefully say so too).

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  • So my husband thinks that with the current outside temperatures, when it freezes, you can forget about it with the concrete, because then it won't set.

    On Sundays 4-5 days (he estimates)

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  • Concrete can be poured at temperatures around the frozen concrete, but the hardening time will be longer. In addition, the concrete layer must be kept at a temperature of at least 10 ° C for the first 3 days. This is a bit difficult with a foundation.
    Usually it has its green stability after 7 days (normal temperatures), which means it is normally resilient. A period of 24 days is normal for the load from a garage (prefabricated part), then it is completely hardened, with optimal post-treatment.
    I think there is an invoice for this, it will be extended by many days, but I cannot get to my old study documents (due to outsourcing due to renovation).

    I haven't heard of lightning concrete yet. A quick setting (hardening) can be achieved with additives, but this means that the concrete layer is no longer as stable as the matrix cannot build up properly. So a C25 / 30 is no longer sufficient, you would probably have to go to a C45 / 55 or something.

    Hope it is understandable and helpful.

    Greetings Rena.

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    Oh you seem to know your way around! Many Thanks!

    In our case, would you - so as not to be able to take any risks - actually pour the foundation in spring? If these additives lead to less load-bearing capacity, that doesn't sound too great (guess that was meant by lightning foundation)

  • It is possible, but as I said, a higher ultimate compressive strength must be applied to the norm in order to achieve the one specified by the structural engineer. But that drives up the costs.
    The after-treatment must also be precisely adhered to and carried out and that is also cost-intensive, because keeping a concrete layer of 15-20cm thick at 10 ° C completely requires a lot of equipment.

    I would postpone the construction project until spring. We also did it for our roof, because for that new ring beams have to be poured and that was too tricky for me.

    Well, have some theoretical knowledge. I have never used it in practice, as construction with direction of renovation other than laboratory is not looked for directly.

  • Hello,

    They let our strip foundation dry for 6 days, then the insulation and the iron mats came on top. After the slab was poured, they waited another 10 days before they started building the wall. We were told they wouldn't do anything below 5 ° C.
    We have the construction supervised by a building expert and he always does everything.