How to Oil Bowling Alleys

Oil paintings

Most bowling alleys are made of plastic or painted wood. The track surface is thinly coated with oil, creating a sliding surface for the balls.

Originally, the oiling of the bowling alley was mainly used for wooden lanes as protection against dirt and moisture. In addition, the oil causes the slide to slide backwards. Without oil, every rotating one would immediately drift sideways.

The last part of the bowling alley is not oiled. This gives the balls grip on this part of the bowling alley and can hit you in the direction.

The unction of the is therefore - in addition to the skill of the player in the - responsible for how the ball behaves on the. The unction of the also influences the choice of the ball for many players. For example, when playing tracks with little oil, you should mainly use smooth balls with a hard surface that have a low hook potential. In the case of very oily tracks, balls with a high hook potential should be used; this potential becomes apparent as soon as the ball leaves the oily part of the track.

The oiling of the bowling alley has become an indispensable component of the sport of bowling in recent years. The oiling is also the attraction of playing for athletes, since the oiling demands a more or less demanding one. The players have to be able to adjust and adjust to the track conditions due to different oilings.