Fame who owns a McDonalds

Only one German has the legendary McDonald’s Gold Card

  • With the Gold Card you can eat free of charge at McDonald’s for a lifetime
  • However, the card can only be redeemed in the USA
  • Vera Int-Veen revealed the only German owner of a McDonald’s Gold Card

Berlin. Of course, we all know that burgers and fries are not exactly the healthiest foods - we would still not say no to a McDonald’s Gold Card!

With this special and rare menu, you can dine at the fast food giant for free - for your entire life! The lucky owners include Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Free McDonald’s are only available in the USA

A German should only have the Gold Card. Cult presenter Vera Int-Veen revealed the owner in the Sat.1 documentary "15 things you need to know about McDonald’s" - it is supposed to be show veteran Thomas Gottschalk!

It is not known whether Thomas Gottschalk will really be able to eat BigMac and Chicken McNuggets for free for the rest of his life. The card can only be redeemed in American McDonald’s branches - at least this would not be a problem for the American Gottschalk ... (lhel)