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What to do with lumbago in the neck

Lumbago“Is not a diagnosis, but the description of a violent, usually sharp pain Spinewith the surrounding muscles and can occur either in the lumbar or neck area. The lumbago in the neck is also called Cervicalgia, C.ervikobrachialgia, Neck shot or Torticollis designated.

The cause of a lumbago

Lumbago comes about because annoywho the Spineand supply the corresponding muscles, become trapped, damaged or irritated and cause pain as a result. Aside from the pain, sufferers complain about you stiff neck. The Range of motion of the head on all sides can be either moderately to severely restricted, only with extreme aggravation of pain, or even completely impossible. Lumbago is particularly common due to sudden contortions or twisting movements.

This can happen in the neck area, for example, when you jerk your head to the side. A fall or acute overload, such as lifting an object that is too heavy, can also cause lumbago.

In addition to these rather banal reasons, there are also worse illnesses that go hand in hand with lumbago. These include, among other things Tumor diseaseor Herniated discsin the area of Neck. Factors that favor the development of lumbago in the neck are:

If you counteract these risks, you also reduce the risk of lumbago.

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The characteristic symptoms for one Lumbago in the neck is the acute, enormous pain in the neck area along the spine.

Typically there is also one Restriction of movement on. This happens a lot after a sudden, unfamiliar movement in this area of ​​the spine. Affected people then feel a Stiffness in the neck and unable to move the neck out of a certain position. In most cases this has no dangerous cause and subsides significantly within 2 days.

However, there are also a few sudden symptomsthat are not compatible with a simple lumbago and should alert the person concerned, Get medical help immediately to take: Numbness around the buttocks or genitals around, Difficulty holding urine or stoolurine problems as well, high temperature, chest pain, vomiting, loss of consciousness, swelling or deformation above the point of pain, or symptoms occurring after an accident.

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The treatment a simple lumbago can usually be carried out by the patient himself. The neck should sparedbe moved as little as possible. Also will warmth felt to be pain reliever. There are also Healing clay packsthat can be placed on the back of the neck and that can improve symptoms. In addition, depending on the severity, you can go to classic Painkiller how aspirinor IbuprofenTo fall back on.

Usually the symptoms subside after a few days after a lumbago in the neck. If they persist for longer, it is advisable to consult a doctor, as this will rule out more serious underlying diseases.

Exercises for treatment

Basically, it is very important that you act in the event of lumbago does not further promote the restraint by omitting any physical movement. Even if it is painful or uncomfortable, you should try to continue to be active and thus a Improvement of the course of the disease to effect. Maintaining bed rest is definitely not advisable in the case of lumbago and can worsen the symptoms through one-sided stress.

Light sporting exercises such as walking jogging or jogging for trained people are perceived as pleasant by many patients. It is recommended to loosen the muscle area around the pain stretching to be carried out for the affected areas. If there is any uncertainty about the physical exercise, there should be no hesitation in getting one Ask a doctor or physiotherapist. To be able to support this and also in principle as therapy Pain medication, such as Ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophenbe effective for a good healing process. Pain also triggers persistence in relieving posture. But of course physical activities can only take place up to a certain tolerance limit and should not be forced with severe pain.

Kinesio tape

Kinesio tape is based on the understanding that Heal muscles faster, If you moved and well supplied with blood become. By gently lifting the skin and the connective tissue over the muscle with the kinesio tape, there is more spatial possibility for blood and other body fluids to flow in and around the muscle. That can also be Pain reduction and muscle relaxation contribute. Thus, further steps on the way to healing can be achieved without great effort.

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Massage for lumbago

With a lumbago you can Massages advisable to be and to Loosening and relaxation of hard muscle tissue contribute around the pain point. However, it is very important that strong, pressure-intensive massages especially right at the pain maximum be avoided should.

It is also recommended that the Have massages from a physical therapist allow. Furthermore, bed rest should not be observed and the loosened muscle tissue should be used for physical activity after the massage.

Syringe for therapy

Against severe, debilitating back pain can Syringes forRelief of discomfort can be used.

These are applied locally near the pain point and act there pain relieving. The pain reduction ensures that the patient is less relieved and then the Muscles are more loosened from their tension can be. Most doctors use syringes with that fast-acting pain relievers. This can also be syringes Cortisone added will the anti-inflammatory Act. However, studies have not proven any benefit from injecting cortisone in such cases.

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Home remedies

To alleviate the discomfort and to be fully mobile again faster, there is of course also some home remedies. Each person has to find out individually which of them will help them best.

Some people appreciate warmth on the painful areas, which is caused by a Hot water bottle, warming plaster or cherry stone pillow can be reached. Also a warm bath can help. Another option is warm locust oil to be applied to the affected areas. The Vinegar and potato cure is recommended by some people - this is the back first rubbed with warm vinegar and then with warm mashed potatoes lightly massaged.

Other patients prefer the cold and are relieved by cooling pads or quark compresses.


The term lumbago describes one Severe, sudden pain in the area of ​​the spine with restricted mobility and, if necessary, limitations in sensation. This painful event represents however, not a diagnosis per se but is more likely to be harmless Phenomenon recognized from clinical symptoms or determined after excluding other possible diagnoses.

This is especially important when visiting a doctor Exact description of the complaints with occurrence, type, course and peculiarities in the patient's history. When the physical exam Ambiguities must have imaging procedures can be used for further diagnosis.

Duration of lumbago in the neck

The Duration of lumbago in the neck, also called cervicalgia, differs from person to person in its severity. As a rough guideline, however, one can Time window of two days stipulate beyond which the stabbing pain with the characteristic immobility should not go beyond.

The next 48 hours the person concerned can still go on about strong pain complain in the neck, the course of the Symptoms should overall, however, decreasing be. In complicated lumbago, the pain can persist for a few weeks.

Basically it is Duration of recovery and the pain intensity depending on many factors such as others Side diseases and the overall condition of the person. In case of uncertainty and one If the symptoms are prolonged, a doctor should be consultedso that warning symptoms or complications can be identified early enough. Sometimes, however, it also happens that the symptoms last longer than usually and drag on without dangerous causes. In summary, it can be said about the duration of a lumbago in the neck that extreme pain with restricted mobility occurs for a maximum of two days, then the pain persists for a maximum of a few days and in a complicated case can still cause discomfort for a few weeks.

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