Where do the twins live

Gemini zodiac sign - refreshingly lively and magically non-binding

A twin is always electrified - but always impresses with its friendly and uncomplicated manner. But appearances are deceptive - the twin has two faces.

The zodiac sign Gemini has two sides - a beautiful, friendly and charming, extremely cheerful and sociable side and a somewhat mean, unpredictable moody, even unstable side. Which of these sides the Gemini shows you with depends not only on you, but also on his current mood. But it is worth looking behind the carefree, cheerful facade.

The twins and their characteristics at a glance:


  • Serenity
  • versatility
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • creativity
  • Socializing


  • Volatility
  • impatience
  • superficiality
  • Restlessness
  • Instability

The twins and their character

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and, like the zodiac signs Libra and Aquarius, is determined by the element air. And it is airy and light like a summer breeze - the character of the twin. He is sociable, interested in many things and enthusiastic. So enthusiastic that his good mood is contagious to his fellow human beings. He has an alert mind and can memorize vast amounts of information in a very short time - the only requirement for this is that he must be interested in it. If he has found interest in something, he informs himself about it until he knows it inside out and moves on to the next topic.

Since its sign ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, the Gemini is by nature not only endowed with a great thirst for knowledge, but also a master of rhetoric. He makes contacts as if there was a prize to be won, and has countless good acquaintances who are very fond of him. But he can count those whom he calls friends on one hand. He has no interest in engaging in too many committed relationships. Too many obligations are a horror to him. Like the element of air that rules it, it is difficult to capture. He prefers to deal with worries and problems with himself.

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Zodiac sign Gemini and love

Like a butterfly that flies from flower to flower, a twin usually does not stay with a love partner forever. With no other zodiac sign is the partner changed as often as with Gemini. However, as soon as he has internalized that the allure of the new quickly evaporates, he will give his heart away permanently. For this he will choose someone who is equal to his spiritual size and intelligence and who knows how to deal with his airy nature without wanting to suffocate it.

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Which signs of the zodiac are suitable for Gemini?

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Zodiac sign Gemini at work

A lonely study or a sterile laboratory are not for the sociable, inquisitive twin. He wants to be up to date and feel the pulse of life. The media, the travel industry, technical means of communication and sales as a whole offer exactly those professions in which the twin can develop best. Mostly talented in languages, he argues his contemporaries effortlessly against the wall and could even sell a Harley Davidson to a seventy-year-old.

The typical Gemini looks for a job in which they can make a difference. They like to talk, negotiate and sell for their lives and are successful at it. Whether a twin works for several companies at the same time or goes into business for himself with his own ideas is up to him. Mercury definitely gives wings to Gemini and gives them a brilliant mind.

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