Melting lead in Indonesia as they eat

German - Indonesian: Useful Indonesian Vocabulary for Travel

Here is an overview of useful Indonesian vocabulary for your trip. The following topics are presented in this post:

  • Small talk
  • Useful verbs for on the go
  • places
  • eat
  • Be a guest / family members
  • On the market
  • numbers
  • money
  • surfing
  • Diseases

We look forward to expanding the list of Indonesian vocabulary together with you. Which main topics do you miss? Bring it on in the comments!

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German / Indonesian Vocabulary: Small Talk

German / Indonesian Vocabulary: Useful Verbs for On the Go

Did you know already? Over 200 million people speak Malay (Indonesian and Malaysian) around the world. This makes Malay one of the seven most widely spoken languages ​​in the world!

German / Indonesian Vocabulary: Places

Learn Indonesian with Babbel

Learn Indonesian with the Babbel app. The program scores with its user-friendliness, the vocabulary manager, the speech recognition function and the varied learning chapters. The combination of the web and the app allows you to learn Indonesian from anywhere. After completing the course, you can even print out a certificate of your respective Indonesian course.

German / Indonesian vocabulary: food

German / Indonesian vocabulary: Being a guest / family members

Learn Indonesian with Sprachlernen24

With the online language course sprachenlernen24 you can learn Indonesian basic vocabulary from over 1300 words in just under three months with the help of the Long-term memory learning method learn. The learning time is around 15 to 20 minutes a day. The online course is user-friendly and therefore easy to use for everyone. You can exchange ideas with others in the insider learning community. The vocabulary was spoken by Indonesian native speakers in order to convey a clear, accent-free pronunciation and correct accentuation. After the basic course there are also several advanced courses.

German / Indonesian vocabulary: On the market

Did you know already?Some Indonesian words have caught on internationally, such as “orangutan”. The name of the wonderful red giants originally comes from Indonesian. Translated, “orangutan” means “forest man”.

German / Indonesian vocabulary: numbers

German / Indonesian vocabulary: money

German / Indonesian vocabulary: surfing

Surf Bali is the first comprehensive travel guide for all things surfing in Bali. This book is the perfect companion to discover the most beautiful corners and surf spots on the island. At every location you will find surfable waves as well as a lot of information about accommodation, restaurants and sights. So this book is not only suitable for surfers, but also for adventurers who want to stand on the board for the first time.

German / Indonesian vocabulary: nausea

Did you know already? Malay (Indonesian and Malaysian) is spoken in Indonesia and Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, southern Thailand, some regions of the Philippines, East Timor and even the Australian Coconut and Christmas Islands.

German / Indonesian vocabulary: headache

German / Indonesian vocabulary: sore throat

German / Indonesian vocabulary: fever

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