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Small competition

10-10-2013, 05:13 PM
Competition over !!!


Small competition:


The participants:
- FransiVDK (4.)
- Wolfhound 101 (1st)
-hundefreak03 (2.)
-Katzelol (3.)

Number of attendees: 4 attendees

1st is: Wolfdog101 (Congratulations)
2nd is: dog freak (congratulations)
3rd is: Katzelol (congratulations)
4th is: FransiVDK (congratulations)
5th is: did not exist

The competition is over
nobody can register anymore.
The last one already 'registered'
Participant just has to
to guess the end

The competition is over.


Small competition:

you can win:
- a radio microphone
- a dictionary
- a green nylon collar

- 1st place chooses as first, 2nd as second, etc.

The participants:
- FransiVDK (?.) (4th?)
- Wolfhound 101 (1st)
- dog freak03 (2.)
- Katzelol (3.)

* The other participants get: dog bones *

Number of participants: at least 6 participants

1. is: ???
2. is: ???
3. is: ???

the remaining participants:
- ?????

That's how it's done:

1. You have to wink at me once a day! - from 08.10.13 & 09.10.13 to 12.10.13!
2. Then you have time from 10/12/13 to 10/20/13 to write me a message with 3 smileys (which I think of now!) - subject: smileys and text: "I think the smileys are ..." 3. when you found him out. will you win the prizes (if you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd)
4. You are allowed to send a maximum of 2 PN's!

Goal of the game !:

- if you start on October 8th, 2013: you must have sent a total of 4 smileys. and from 09.10.13 you must have sent 3 (but you get a bonus of: +1 smiley). So it is balanced.
-Then you have to insert the smileys that I think of (I think of 3 and if you got one / two or all of them right you might be among the first 3)

Rules of the game:

Age: it doesn't matter
Number of PMs sent with the subject `` Smiley '': maximum 5.

ask the player, who already knows which of the smileys, whether he / she reveals.

Good luck!

-> Who hasn't understood it yet: PN
-> if you still have questions: PN

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