What is lca1 zoning

Planning and Zoning Act 1987.

The Act provides for the planning of land and water use and the creation of zones for specific purposes. Section 3 sets out the tasks of the Chief Planner, who shall be an adviser in planning to central and local authorities. Every local government council shall establish a planning commission in accordance with section 4. The mayor shall be chairman of the commission. A commission shall examine and decide on matters in the framework of this Act. All local government offices have a planning office. Sections 10 and following provide for zoning, i.e. zoning may take place for purposes set out in article 121. Zoning may include watershed zones providing exclusively for the catchment, collection, storage and distribution of water. The National government may acquire land for the local government for purposes of this Act and use of such land shall be deemed to be public use under the Land Acquisition Act 1986.

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