What does Aida stand for in advertising

What does ... AIDA actually mean?

We explain the advertising effectiveness principle, which revolves around attention and directed customer actions.

What does AIDA stand for?

When a marketing professional talks about AIDA, he usually doesn't mean an opera or a cruise company. The English acronym used in advertising describes a model whose four letters stand for:

  • A for Attention / Attraction / Awareness
  • I for Interest
  • D for Desire (wish)
  • A for action

The well-known advertising effectiveness principle describes the four stages in contact with a potential customer who is to be "promoted" by your advertising measures.

How do you use AIDA?

From flyers and display marketing to TV and radio spots to your website: The AIDA model can be used in all areas of marketing.

How to implement the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action-Model:

    • Since thousands of pieces of information flow into each of us every day, it is important to attract attention, for example with an attractive advertising message. What is attractive depends on your target group and your product. This can be an unusual picture, a cheeky slogan or a loud sound, but also pleasant smells.
    • After you've gotten attention, it's important to arouse the recipient's interest. Make sure that the viewer, reader, viewer or listener engages with your advertising relationship. The longer the better. Example: Communicate the advantages of your product (USP) as quickly and easily as possible.
    • Seduce the potential customer whose attention and interest you now have. The aim is that the “fish on the hook” gets the desire to absolutely want your advertised product. To do this, you can use terms such as “rare”, “exclusive” or “free of charge”.
    • All of this leads to an action that turns a prospect into a customer or fan of your product. Use typical call-to-action elements.

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Examples of the use of AIDA

The following video explains again how the AIDA formula works and gives a good example of its implementation:

Here are more examples of how to properly use the AIDA model:

  • FMFoundry describes the “ultimate marketing funnel” using AIDA ...

  • … and getsatisfaction.comHow to use your social media funnel with the advertising effectiveness formula:

The AIDA formula and its successors

Although the AIDA formula was invented in 1898 by the American author and teacher Elmo Lewis, it has not lost its importance to this day. But in the course of time it has been supplemented, for example marketers are also talking about AIDAS (the S stands for Satisfaction) or AIDCAS (Attraction, Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action, Confidence, Satisfaction).

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