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Jennifer Jareau

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau


East Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA


Communications officer (former)


Supervisory Special Agent


Dealing with the press (former)
Case analysis

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is the communication coordinator - BAU's liaison to the press and the local police authorities. Which is why it is also known as 'the face of the team'. In the seventh season she becomes a profiler and Hotch and Garcia take over the public work.

Profession [edit | Edit source]

JJ works as BAU's liaison to the press. But it is also a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA). During her maternity leave, she will be represented by Jordan Todd. At the beginning of the sixth season she has to leave the team involuntarily and is transferred to the Pentagon. But she returns to the team at the beginning of the seventh season.

Background [edit | Edit source]

JJ grew up in a small town. She was at East Allegheny High School near Pittsburg, where she was the captain of the soccer team for her third year, which earned her an athletic scholarship at the University of Pittsburg. She used to collect butterflies.

In the fifth season it comes out that her older sister cut her wrists with razor blades in the bathtub when she was just 11 years old. Season 2 also mentions that she has an 8 year old niece.

She is a fully trained federal agent. But refuses to become a profiler. Nevertheless, she often supported the other BAU members in the profiling process. When Hotch asked her in season two if she'd like to become a profiler, she replied that she'd rather be the calming voice on the phone that the victims' relatives can speak to.

Season references [edit | Edit source]

First season: As a media and police broker, she has spoken a lot in front of the press this season. She also helped Hotch obtain information on the Jacob Dawes case. She once went to a Washington Redskins game with Reid. She's a huge Redskins and Football Fan. Nothing else developed from this date.

Second season: In the episode "The Sign", JJ literally stumbles into a barn with dogs. This case ends with some psychological wounds for JJ. She almost shot Prentiss in a paranoid anxiety attack. In the episode "Jones" she meets William LaMontagne Jr know and love.

Third season: In the episode "Penelope" JJ shoots the suspect Jason Clark Battle and William LaMontagne Jr. also reappears in the episode "Free in Miami". The audience learns that he and JJ have been together for a long time. Which, in turn, the team already knew. At the end of the season (in broad daylight) we find out that Will's JJ is pregnant.

Fourth season: JJ worked up to the episode "Memoriam". At the end of the episode you can see her son Henry. Then she goes on maternity leave until she plays in the episode "The Medium" again.

Sixth season: JJ helps right at the beginning of the season (The Longest Night - Part 2) to bring a kidnapped child back home by talking to the perpetrator Billy Flynn over the radio. One episode later (Unter Haien) we learn that JJ is being transferred to the Pentagon.

Season 7: After Emily is back and Ian Doyle is dead, life in the team seems to be back to normal. But new problems already arise in "The Blue Dress" when Reid decides to ignore Prentiss and JJ, which hits JJ especially hard. In the episode "Emasculated" we also see JJ fighting a suspect for the first time. The season finale (The Queen's Game Part 1 and 2) is finally a tribute to Will & JJ that the fans had been waiting for for a long time. Will was taken hostage and shot during a bank robbery while JJ had the worst thoughts on his mind. In the second part of the crossover, the perpetrators find out where JJ & Will live, so that Henry is now also in great danger. While one of the perpetrators escapes with Will, Rossi and JJ come to the house and free Henry. At the same time, Will is freed from his captivity by Prentiss. Then comes the hospital scene, where WillJJ makes a proposal, which is immediately accepted.

Eighth season: In the episode "Alles was last", JJ Blake tells of the suicide of her sister Rosaline.

Ninth season: JJ meets Mateo Cruz while jogging and the audience immediately notices that something is between the two. In "Window to the Soul", however, it is made clear that it is not an affair. The secret of their relationship will then be finally clarified in episode 200. Years ago, JJ and Cruz helped find Bin Laden in the Middle East and had such confidential information. Tivon Askari and Michael Hastings want them by all means. In addition, the viewer also learns that JJ and Will almost had a second child. They lost it in an attack. In the end it is Emily helping Cruz and JJ free from the kidnappers' clutches.

Season 10: JJ risks her life trying to save a man from the clutches of a serial killer. In addition, her past catches up with her. She suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and tells Reid that she miscarried in Afghanistan when the HMMWV was attacked. Reid gets the Tivon Askari files from Prentiss. This is the man who is to blame for all of this. JJ hallucinates that he is sitting in front of her and she turns against him and her fears. In addition, one learns in the season finale that she is pregnant again.

Notes [edit | Edit source]

  • She is a fan of the Washington Redskins. ("Plain Sight")
  • Reid and Garcia are the godparents of their son Henry
  • Jennifer collected butterflies when she was young. ("The Fisher King, Part 1")
  • JJ speaks Spanish and will probably learn it in school
  • She was a valedictorian in high school and got a soccer scholarship. Reid later assumes that she might have been "one of the bad girls" in her school, whereupon she defensively replies that she was nice to nerds herself.
  • Her earliest childhood fear was separation from her parents. ("Mr. Scratch")
  • While she was pregnant with Henry, she kept headphones over her stomach so as not to disturb him from outside noise, and let him listen to music by the Beatles, among other things. ("Catch off", "Breath Play")
  • When she was a child she was afraid of forests (of the forests that encircled her city)