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You have started the self-experiment: Our editors Michaela Streuff and Marie Klement want to shed pounds and build muscles with Tabata training and a Glyx diet. The duo had their first experiences. Now readers can also become active.

Depending on their fitness level, the athletes should exercise the tabatas at different levels of intensity. The training should be completed three to four times a week. Breaks are essential for the body to regenerate.

Beginner: If you start from scratch, you should start very slowly. Sascha Seifert, our newspaper's expert on fitness issues, advises: "Beginners can do two tabatas for three weeks - one to warm up and one to strengthen themselves." Two exercises are alternate for warming up: for example, heel and jumping jack. In the strengthening tabata, for example, squats are ideal. A tabata consists of four to six units of 20 seconds each, with a 10-second break in between. From the fourth week on, the scope and duration can be increased. Important: every other day is a break.

Average athlete: If you have a certain basic level of fitness, you should plan a warm-up tabata and two strengthening tabatas. Intensity: six to eight units of 20 seconds each, with a ten-second break in between.

Professionals: For those who do sport regularly, Seifert recommends the program that the editors Marie Klement and Michaela Streuff also complete: one tabata to warm up and three strengthening tabatas. A tabata consists of eight units of 20 seconds each, with a 10-second break in between.

Important: There must be a one-minute break between each series of tobacco products. If you are not so fit, you can also take a two-minute break. The athlete should not stand still, but run so that the circulation stays in motion.

Train to the limit, but don't overestimate yourself. Make sure you do the exercises neatly. Pain should not arise; if you have problems, consult a doctor or physiotherapist. (mis)