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Bill Brighteye

It is true. In nature we would be superior to them, here nobody can fool us. Unfortunately, we live in a world that people have formed for themselves, in which they make the rules, and we have to somehow fit in. There is always someone who makes the rules and you are never yourself.
- Bill Brighteye to Carag on the superiority of Woodwalkers over humans (Alien wilderness, Page 141)

Bill Brighteye


Teacher of Combat and Survival, History and Geography at Clearwater High

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Bill Brighteye is a Wolfs Walker and teacher at Clearwater High. He teaches combat and survival, history and geography and has been since Alien wilderness with Sarah Calloway.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Bill Brighteye is bald, muscular[4] and slim[5] and has fair skin[6] and yellow eyes[7].

As a timber wolf, he has black fur[7].

Biography Edit source]

Prehistory Edit source]

Mr Brighteye grew up in a Canadian pack of timber wolves, but was disowned for being a Woodwalker. He sets off to the south, but does not find a new pack, but often has to fight other wolves. When he loses a lot of blood in a fight in the Yellowstone area, he is found by Theo, who nurses him back to health and shows him how to live as a person. He attends college and a martial arts center, where he also learns human fighting techniques. Eventually he becomes a combat and survival, history and geography teacher at Clearwater High, while Theo becomes caretaker.

Woodwalkers [edit | Edit source]

Mr. Brighteye teaches combat and survival, history and geography at Clearwater High. He's a rather strict teacher who doesn't let Jeffrey and his pack offer anything and often puts them in their place with his status as an alpha wolf. On the other hand, he sees Carag as his best student, so that he even goes so far as to injure the Puma converter during the intermediate exam so that it struggles and does not fail the exam. When Carag took Miro to Clearwater High a few months later, Mr Brighteye welcomed the puppy in a friendly manner and took the risk, albeit unsuccessfully, of looking for its pack.
During a joint appearance with the school band, he and Miss Calloway fall in love and initially keep it a secret, but make it public after Carag observes them during the student exchange in Costa Rica, where the two are accompanying teachers. Mr Brighteye and Miss Calloway help Carag and Mr Bridger during Xamber's hospitalization by guarding the building at night and looking for chasers when the others eventually have to get Carag's father out of the hospital. Xamber spends the next few weeks at Clearwater High, where Mr. Brighteye tends to his injury.
In preparation for Milling's act of revenge, Mr. Brighteye and Theo arm some trustworthy students. On Vengeance Day, the teacher is out in the field to fight and educate Wandler about Milling's machinations; he also takes part in the battle of the Snake River. There he is seriously injured by Goodfellow and then taken to the hospital, but is able to leave it a few days later. He's still ailing, but decides to spend the summer vacation with Cliff and Miro in Yellowstone.

Carag's transformation[Edit | Edit source]

In Fight and Survival, Mr Brighteye first asks the students to run a lap as a human through the forest. He yells at Carag and Brandon as they stop and fall behind the others. When dividing up the fighting couples, he sees that Carag is a puma and assigns Berta to him. Jeffrey protests because he wanted to fight Carag, but Mr. Brighteye chooses Cliff as Jeffrey's partner. Jeffrey growls at him, causing Mr. Brighteye to push him to the ground, reminding him who the alpha wolf is at Clearwater High. After Carag's fight with Berta, he praised Carag's martial arts.
After the fight between Carag and the wolves, Mr. Brighteye speaks to him in class about his injuries and sends him to Sherri Rivergirl in the infirmary.
The next day he lets Dorian and Nell fight each other as cat and mouse, which Nell can easily win. He gives her a one and Dorian a five before practicing various human fighting techniques with the students.
At the intermediate exams in Combat and Transformation, Mr. Brighteye is present like the other teachers. He reminds students to put their cameras and cell phones away, and takes on Brandon when he is the first to be drawn. He dodges Brandon's bison attacks and gives him the chance of a decisive hit, which Brandon also uses and finally passes with a two because he fell for a fake attack. During the fight against Carag he is frustrated that Carag is not fighting him properly and bites him in the shoulder, whereupon Carag gets so angry that he attacks and defeats Mr Brighteye after all. He gives Carag a grade two and apologizes for the injury before proudly declaring to Andrew Milling that Carag is his best student.
Miss Clearwater reprimands him for hurting Carag, but Carag asks her to undo it. Mr Bridger fetches him and Miss Clearwater when Carag reveals a fly to be Andrew Milling's spy, but they fail to get the fly converter to reveal any information. You eventually have to let him go after taking photos and fingerprinting.

Dangerous friendship[Edit | Edit source]

In combat class, he first lets the students practice self-defense techniques in human form before asking them to change into their second form. He divides the fighting pairs and agrees when Carag wants to fight Jeffrey if Bo also takes part in the fight. Carag can almost win, but then stumbles over Cookie. Brighteye declares him and Jeffrey victorious, but gives Bo a six for bit Carag the right way.
When Theo Carag, Lou and Frankie drive back to Clearwater High after being attacked by Milling's aides, they are met by Miss Clearwater, Mr Brighteye and Mr Bridger. Miss Clearwater asks who attacked her and if he's still around while Mr. Brighteye transforms and goes to check the situation when Wolf goes.
He can't believe it when he overhears Brandon allegedly fought a grizzly walker during Melody's rescue operation, but all eyewitnesses corroborate the story.

Holly's secret[Edit | Edit source]

When Carag is on the phone with Miss Clearwater about taking Miro to school, she tells him to get Mr Ellwood if he needs help. Mr Brighteye, who would have been better suited, is stupidly out and about and doesn't come back until early in the morning.
Everything goes according to plan, however, so that Mr Brighteye appears at breakfast in the morning, talks briefly to the wolves and then greets Miro, who seems to be getting along well with him. He goes over to Carag and tells him it was good to bring Miro here, even though he's still a little young for school. Miro asks, startled, if he can't stay here, but Mr. Brighteye calms him down and decides to track down Miro's pack in the next few days and talk to them. Tikaani is concerned that packs don't like loners, but Mr. Brighteye is confident that nothing will happen to him.
At the next combat lesson, Carag asks Mr Brighteye whether he has already found Miro's pack, which the latter denies. Apparently the pack deliberately brought Miro away from their turf in order to repudiate him. Mr Brighteye divides the fighting pairs and Miro is horrified when he is supposed to fight Cookie because she is prey and not a member of the pack. Mr Brighteye grabs his neck fur and rebukes him, then a little later he praises Carag when he competes against Brandon. When Cookie pretends to be dead in her fight against Miro, Mr Brighteye reminds her to keep fighting or he'll give her a six. Thereupon she attacks Miro, who stumbles frightened, so that Mr Brighteye tells him not to be deceived by supposedly weak opponents.
When Carag and Holly are attacked and almost killed by Julian Goodfellow, Mr. Brighteye, like the rest of the school, searches for the dangerous walker. It is not very successful because a wasp is very small and has no weather. He is also frustrated that Goodfellow has escaped and asks Carag if he has injured him, which Carag answers with "Not enough". He refuses when Carag wants to take part in the search and says that they would be quite a bit further if they knew where his hiding place is. That night he picks up Tikaani, who is currently talking to Carag, so that she and the other wolves can keep looking for Goodfellow.
After Goodfellow was caught, Miss Clearwater interrogated him in the presence of Carag, Mr. Brighteye, Mr. Bridger and Mr. Ellwood. Mr Brighteye blocks the door so that the students do not notice anything and assures Carag that even a bear cannot blow up a safe. Mr Ellwood asks Goodfellow about the location of his bear sanctuary and Mr Brighteye confirms that oil has been found in the area. When Miss Clearwater unpacks the stolen valuables, Mr. Brighteye says that Goodfellow has come a long way for a Woodwalker and agrees with Mr. Bridger when he criticizes Goodfellow's deviousness. He wants to get him to a council jail as soon as possible, like an animal park in Colorado. Goodfellow believes that the people are to blame for his situation, which makes Mr Brighteye angry, because after all they are all part human and their actions do not give Goodfellow the right to do wrong himself. The triple converter tells them that it is backed by a very powerful converter and Mr. Brighteye knows that it is Milling. Miss Clearwater tells him to keep watch so Goodfellow doesn't try a trick after all.
A little later, when wolf howls sound in front of the school, Mr. Brighteye asks Carag to fetch Miro and wants to speak to his pack, but is stopped by Miss Clearwater, who goes outside herself.
When Carag follows Jeffrey outside and is attacked by Milling's helpers, he sends a long distance call to the teachers and his friends. A little later, Miss Clearwater, Mr. Brighteye and Mr. Bridger reach him. Mr Brighteye hits a lynx in the throat and storms with Carag and the others to the top of the hill, but comes too late and Milling is already flying away in his helicopter. On the way back to school, they take Carag into their midst.

Alien wilderness[Edit | Edit source]

During the visiting day for the initiated, Mr. Brighteye oversees the exhibition fights in the fighting room. He uses the loudspeaker to remind Carag to show up for his performance because Carag is talking to Mia and is too late. The two go to the fighting room, where Carag competes against Theo, as Mr Brighteye announces to the audience. He interrupts the fight when Mia wants to defend her brother against Theo and shortly afterwards declares Carag the winner when he wins against Theo.
When Miss Clearwater announces that Mr. Brighteye and Miss Calloway will be the accompanying teachers in the exchange with the Colegio La Chamba, Carag is initially disappointed that Mr. Bridger is not there. Then he is happy anyway, because Mr. Brighteye can be strict, but he still likes him and Miss Calloway is friendly and knows people well.
He participates in the raffle for Carag's father Xamber and donates vouchers for fitness training with him personally as well as some James Bond-DVDs that he has duplicate and that will go to Leroy and Nimble during the action.
On the unsuspecting visiting day, Carag's foster father Donald Ralston asks Mr. Ellwood how Jay (i.e. Carag) is doing with him. Mr Ellwood doesn't have much good things to say, and Donald has something to ask, but Mr Brighteye gets ahead of him and raves about Carag's accomplishments in his own subjects and in those of Mr Bridger. Carag throws him a grateful look and wonders what he will be like as a supervisor, since Mr Brighteye has just lied for him: Carag is good at geography and sports, but not at history.
A little later, Tikaani visits Carag and the others and reveals that Mr. Brighteye has spoken to the pack about the flight to Costa Rica. In order to save travel costs, the wolves should pretend to be dogs and travel in transport boxes. Jeffrey and the wolves don't like that at all, of course, but Carag and the others are having a great time.
The day before departure, Mr Brighteye visits Carag and asks him to take Juanita in his shirt pocket to save a seat on the plane. Carag agrees, a little taken by surprise.
When Frankie is amused by Jeffrey's bad mood on the day of his departure, the wolf becomes angry with him and insults him. However, Mr Brighteye overhears everything and pushes Jeffrey to the ground to correct him before he goes into a transport box like the other wolves. At the airport they are taken to the bulky baggage counter, where Mr Brighteye wishes the others a lot of fun and a good flight before he is driven away with the wolves.
As soon as the plane takes off, Carag can overhear the wolves talking from head to head in the hold. Jeffrey can't see anything and wants someone to bite a window in the torso and Miro also thinks that he might see his mother through a window. However, Mr Brighteye instructs them not to damage the plane. Tikaani asks when they can get out of the boxes and Mr Brighteye says annoyed that they should wait until the plane has reached cruising altitude. When Frankie panics and chaos breaks out, Mr. Brighteye asks Miss Calloway if everything is okay, which she tightly denies.
Once in Costa Rica, Holly asks if she can climb a palm tree later, which Mr Brighteye allows her. Carag notices that he looks both curious and a little tired, certainly because of the wolves. When greeting, Señorita Moravia especially beams at Mr Brighteye. He complains to Holly when she transforms without being asked, but with a sigh he has to confirm that there is actually a palm tree nearby, which she climbs on shortly afterwards.
When Carag learns that many of the South American students support Milling, he decides to inform Mr. Brighteye. He finds him and Miss Calloway outside talking furtively. Carag fears that Miss Calloway is telling Mr. Brighteye about Carag's forbidden meeting with Tikaani and wants to leave, but is noticed by Mr. Brighteye, who nods goodbye to Miss Calloway before asking Carag if he's spying on either of them. Carag tells him about Milling's presence in Costa Rica, which is Mr. Brighteye's concern; however, the teacher also finds that Milling is right, that converters are superior to humans. But Mr Brighteye thinks that they have to live in a human-made world and fit into it. When asked by Carag, he tells him about his past and how he got to Clearwater High before assuring him not to support Milling. When Carag asks Miss Calloway's opinion, Mr Brighteye gets angry and makes it clear that she has nothing to do with Milling either. He thanks Carag for the information, but cannot because of him Arula help. Before he sends Carag back to his hut, he tells him that the Costa Ricans have planned something for the next day that will please almost everyone except Carag.
Mr. Brighteye frowns on as Holly carelessly touches all sorts of things in the rainforest on the way to rafting. He wants to stop her when she is suddenly attacked by a boa constrictor and Mr Brighteye, like Carag, Miro and Estella, is immediately there to help her. Mr Brighteye hits the snake on the head, but it is Estella who, by unwinding, manages to free Holly.
A little later, Mr Brighteye helps to carry the rubber boats into the water and occupies a rubber boat with Señorita La Chamba, Miro, Cliff, Berta, Nimble, Ignacio and Juanita. When Miro accidentally transforms and tries to drink from the river, Mr Brighteye pulls him back into the boat and helps paddle to avoid a low-hanging branch. However, Cliff rows in the wrong direction, causing Nimble and Berta to fall into the water. Mr Brighteye keeps his nerve and reaches out his hand to help them, but Nimble transforms in fear, so that the teacher finally pulls him out of the water by the neck fur and, together with Cliff, saves Berta too.
The teachers are busy with a celebratory dinner when Jeffrey and the other wolves settle their gambling debt with Manuel. Carag watches Mr Brighteye and Miss Calloway leave the party together and talk quietly.Mr Brighteye doesn't seem to know anything about the conversation between Carag and Tikaani, but the boy fears that Miss Calloway is telling him about it.
Mr Brighteye is at Señor Jimenez's combat class, in which Carag is supposed to fight the Caiman Changer Blanca. Señor Jimenez is skeptical that Mr. Brighteye's teaching is good and doesn't seem to think much of wolves, however, Mr. Brighteye remains friendly and confirms that he teaches Clearwater High's students. He motivates Carag with a meaningful look and the boy consoles himself with the thought that Mr Brighteye is a trained paramedic and can treat him if necessary. After the fight, Mr. Brighteye congratulates him and explains to the students that in South America you should stay away from the water as much as possible. Señor Jimenez is forced to smile because Mr. Brighteye has gotten ahead of him.
In the evening Carag sets out to look for his accompanying teachers and to confront them because Miss Calloway Milling called "Andy". He finds her outside in a remote place where the two kiss. Carag staggers back, embarrassed, so that the teachers spot him, but they're not angry with him. When they reveal they are in love, Carag asks Mr Brighteye if this is why he recently defended Miss Calloway. However, the teacher explains to him that she fell in love with Milling during the intermediate exams and that they were even together for a few months until Milling became increasingly scary to her and even hit her after an argument, so that she finally broke up with him. When the school band performed on the unsuspecting visiting day, she realized that Mr Brighteye meant a lot more to her because her percussion and his guitar harmonized so well. Mr Brighteye has to laugh and tells Carag that Miss Calloway used to want to be an astronaut and still has a telescope that she might let Carag look through. However, Carag knows that he will leave that to his teacher and is almost a little jealous of the two of them. He goes back to his friends and tells them about this encounter, which of course inspires everyone. Brandon wonders what kind of converter their child would be if they got one, and Carag resolves to find out about it.
On the flight home, Carag dares to speak to Mr Brighteye about mixed race children. The teacher explains to him that there are no hybrid beings, but the chance that the child will become a converter of the first kind, the second kind or even a human is about a third each.
He lends Xamber clothes that he can put on as a person for his hospital visit. Theo asks Carag if he should ask Mr. Brighteye and Miss Calloway to stand guard at the hospital at night. Carag is concerned that the other wolves might notice the alpha disappearing, but Theo assures him that Mr. Brighteye knows how to move unseen and that the wolves wouldn't dare confront him anyway. The next day, Mr Bridger Carag reports that Miss Calloway spotted suspicious bats at the clinic at sunset. The two teachers hold the position until Mr. Bridger and Carag come to get Xamber from the hospital.
In the night the time has come and everyone gets ready to leave. Mr Bridger asks Mr Brighteye about the situation and the teacher says that you had better get out of there as soon as possible, because he smelled a strange weather and one of Milling's helpers might have been around in the afternoon. Miss Calloway agrees and tells the others that they will look out for persecutors and then return to school. Shortly afterwards, Mr Brighteye reports that they have not yet been followed and wishes them the best of luck.
After the car accident caused by Milling's helpers, in which Brandon is seriously injured, Mr. Bridger and Carag take Xamber to Clearwater High. Miss Clearwater and Mr. Brighteye are already waiting there to welcome Xamber. Mr Brighteye offers to treat him in the next few days and Xamber gratefully agrees.
After Frankie's disappearance, classes continue as usual, but the mood is depressed. So Miss Calloway announces that she and Mr. Brighteye will have one next Friday Bad button- Organize a party where everyone should dress as ugly as possible. The cheer is working and everyone is looking forward to the celebration. Leroy tells Carag that people in love have pretty good ideas.
Of course, Mr Brighteye himself appears at the party. He wears a bright green mesh shirt over his bare torso, sunglasses, a gold chain and a thick gold wristwatch, which makes Wing and Viola giggle. He explains to Carag and the others that they can destroy the ugly garden gnome decoration at midnight because they are from a garage flea market and have cost almost nothing. When Tikaani appears with the other wolves, Carag thinks she actually looks great, but Mr Brighteye praises her plump outfit. Then he looks around for Miss Calloway, who appears shortly afterwards. He picks her up, whirls her around and kisses her.

Enemy tracks[Edit | Edit source]

When Carag was talking to his friends about Milling, he asked what kind of punishment Milling would receive if he was convicted. Dorian replies that he recently spoke to Mr. Brighteye about it. According to him, Milling could be expelled from the community of converters.
While waiting for the South American exchange students who are late, Carag notices Mr. Brighteye and Miss Calloway, who are also on the lookout for alarm. He's glad that this means they don't have time to make out. Finally, Mr Brighteye's cell phone rings, he answers it and then explains to the others that the Ticos' bus broke down and they will walk the rest of the way. Together with Carag and a few others, he goes to meet the exchange students and is there in time when BlancaTrudy eats. He helps King and Señorita La Chamba open Blanca's caiman mouth and then desperately tries to ventilate Trudy and give her a heart massage after Domino pulls her out. He succeeds and concludes that Trudy has a broken wing, a couple of bite wounds and lots of broken feathers. When he asks Blanca what she was thinking, she says that she thought Trudy was a normal owl.
During the exchange, he watches a documentary about werewolves with the students in history class and has dinner with Xamber and Mrs. Parker.
After Frankie returns, Frankie tells his friends what he has found out about Milling's plans. Jeffrey joins them and the two get into an argument, which is quickly over when Mr Brighteye approaches their table. He asks if there are any problems and reminds the friends to prepare for their internships so that they don't embarrass themselves for the next week.
Before Carag and Miss Clearwater's meeting with Miss Youngblood in Atlanta, Mr. Bridger suggests that Mr. Brighteye be taken as a bodyguard, even if he doesn't know the secret method of blocking the transformation. Miss Clearwater says she will discuss this with Mr. Johnson, the council chair.
He brings Tikaani and Carag a cocoa and thanks them after they have made it, two climbers