We wear Nortes headscarves

Can I wear a headscarf & quest;

Can I wear a headscarf? I am not a Muslim, nor do I intend to become one. Is it forbidden if other religious people also wear headscarves? Here are the reasons: * I find it more hygienic. * I don't want men staring at me lustfully * I think

How can I tell my parents & comma; that after my conversion to Islam I would like to wear a headscarf & quest;

Hello and salam aleikum, I converted to islam 3 years ago alhamdulillah and totally happy with my decision. Now I've wanted to wear a headscarf for a long time, but I don't really know how to tell my family ...

Girlfriend said & comma; she should wear a headscarf & quest;

Hello, late in the evening I am tormented by my good friend's statement. I (male) have known her since elementary school, have gone through thick and thin, but are not a couple. Her parents are Muslims, but she quit a year ago. We

Father wants his daughter to wear a headscarf

Hey guys, I have a question. Please don't remember because of the spelling, but I'm Turkish and don't live in Germany for long. So: I have a steadfast girlfriend and she doesn't want to wear a headscarf because she doesn't steal from ala or Gott kp

Can you & comma; even if you don't have a Muslim & comma; to wear a headscarf & quest;

Hello Anna Chan 15, there are many reasons to wear a headscarf. If you like this, just wear it. Of course, it is possible that you will be asked if you are a Muslim. Think about a few answers in advance. In the country, the women farmers carry

If I marry a Muslim & comma; do I have to wear a headscarf & quest;

That always depends. The headscarf should actually be a proof of faith, if you yourself are not or do not want to be a Muslim, you do not need it, even as a Muslim you do not have to wear it. It is your personal choice. If your

Feel so close to God "Allah" & comma; although I do not wear a headscarf & comma; not fast and everything else & period;

I love my religion i feel so peaceful when i think of allah and i know he always listens to me and he protects me. He's always in my heart and I'm very grateful for everything ❤️ I don't really know how to phrase my question

As a moped driver, can I & lpar; 15 & rpar; wear a cross helmet or come stupid & quest; I have tuned my moped

Can you do that? So you arrive with your pimped-up machine, which is probably roaring like a circular saw on high voltage and is still wearing a conspicuous helmet ... You can't really ask for a police check (with

Can I be a Christian Orthodox in the & period; The church also wears a headscarf like Muslims & quest;

Hey, how do Orthodox people wear their headscarves and can I wear it like a Muslim? In the Orthodox Churches it is mandatory for women to wear headscarves anyway and in many Catholic areas it is still common today that the F.

Wear a headscarf while converting & quest;

i plan to convert to islam but i would like to know if you should wear a headscarf while converting. if it were the case, then it would be so that I wear the headscarf and remove the headscarf after the conversion. i

My two daughters & lpar; 12 and 14 & rpar; want a headscarf - where in Vienna is there a shop for it & quest;

I have a question for people who know a little about fashion. My two daughters want to set an example against the increasing Islamophobia in our country and want to wear a headscarf for a month out of solidarity. Unfortunately I know n

Do Muslim women have a headscarf on their passport & quest;

Hey the other day I asked myself whether women who wear a headscarf also do that on their passport photo? I mean otherwise you could hardly tell the women apart?! Yes, Muslims are allowed to wear a headscarf in the photo, paradoxically, allowed to

Can the employer forbid me to use & comma; to wear a headscarf & quest;

Can the employer forbid me to wear a headscarf? I'm doing an apprenticeship at Lidl and will take my exam in a few months. Now I would like to start wearing hijab, can my employer forbid me to wear it?

What do you think of the last teacher & comma; to wear a headscarf & quest;

Hi folks, I would be interested in what you think of it, in my opinion a headscarf has nothing to do with school but what do you say :). I'll put the text, written by Heribert Prantl, from yesterday's SZ. The brin

Are the Muslim women who wear a burqa & comma; who wears a Muslim religion & comma; who does not wear a headscarf & quest;

And what about Muslim women who don't even wear a headscarf? Are there some beliefs that allow walking without a head covering? How many faiths are there in Islam? The headscarf or general veils are not

What to wear as a mother with a confirmation & quest;

Hello, I'll have my confirmation soon, my mother still doesn't know what to wear as a mother to a confirmation, do you have any tips? I would encompass everything that is reminiscent of "everyday life" such as jeans or sneakers on a large scale

Is it possible & comma; to wear white as a guest at a wedding & quest;

I'm invited to my neighbor's wedding. So I went and looked around for a suitable dress. I liked a white dress best. Not too chic but fancy. I just don't know if not at a wedding d

Do you go to hell as an Orthodox Christian & quest;

For some time now I have been wondering whether an Orthodox Christian would go to hell if one sins again and again although one knows that it is wrong and prays every evening and asks God for forgiveness, but still does it because one does oneself

Suit as an intern in a bank & quest;

I have to do an internship in a bank from my school (high school next year, 12th grade), should I wear a suit as an intern there or is that overdressed? I am male and 17 years old! And if not what should I then a