Eminem be careful what you want


... it could come true.

Calendar sayings are - like rumors - so frowned upon because there is always a core of truth in them. Just recently I was allowed to have exactly this experience again.

In the last season of Advent I had myself mocked about itthat the representatives of the organizations, who only want our best to do the best with it, can only be seen in the six weeks before Christmas and the six weeks after. In the course of this, I suggested that they should be seen in the summer.

Now my megalomania is (hopefully) limited and I do not believe that the respective decision-makers are of all people mean Have read blog entry and taken appropriate action. Ergo, it just seems to have been a missed wish for the universe. Be careful what you want and so on, nuh?

Because this year, even in summer, you can no longer walk through the city center without being approached at least three times by brave recruits about whether you would like to join one or the other charity as a passive member. A clear case of a touch too much and not find the middle. Because the then really has a bit of annoyance again, so that I have actually reduced my trips to the city center to the absolutely necessary minimum. In a pedestrian zone as small as the one in Dortmund, three organizations simply don't have to be present at the same time.

Yes, I know that sounds damned like “Can't you please that?” - mea culpa. Let's just blame it 2/3 on the heat and my holiday readiness, but 1/3 of me really bothers about it.

But that's not true either. It's not even the point, because that's basically a good one, but rather the appearance of the recruiters mentioned. That they just stand in your way without premonition and thus provoke rough clashes - for free. But I'm pretty good about "good manners and instructions for use" (thank you, Henry Vahl) old school. That is why I occasionally convey in a self-deprecating way that I am not a fan of it when someone whose father I could be age-wise calls me with “You! Come over here! I need you! ”Just approached from the side. However, if I have to say that we probably wouldn't have 1945 anymore, my willingness to donate decreases even more. And can, for example, a donation recruiter who dances to me in the pedestrian zone and yells "Ya-yaya Coco Jambo ________ (follows the 3-letter abbreviation of the organization he works for)!", Under such circumstances really expect me to be serious take?

I am ready to get involved in a good cause. But if someone of me wants me to open my wallet permanently to their employer, that someone should have a basic level of manners. Here I would even be happy if my wish came true.

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