Who is Pablo Espinosa's girlfriend

Camila Torres

Camila Torres


Resto Bar Waitress (formerly)



Camila Torres, also known as "Cami", is a fun, open-minded girl who would do anything for her friends. She also has a great sense of justice and fights for her beliefs. She dreams of a career as a singer, but knows that she still has a long way to go. Her best friends are Maxi and Francesca and later Violetta. She falls in love with Broduey.

In season 2, she first tries to make Broduey jealous because he lied about his return to Brazil.


In the beginning she dressed up in any style e.g. hippie, emo, rock, but when she was later kicked out because of her look, she decided that she wanted to have her own look. This is hippie.


Camila is funny, outgoing, and falls in love quickly. Sometimes she says things without thinking, and that's why some people don't like her. Camila does everything for her friends and sometimes defends them. Before she changed her look every day, but now she only wears hippie clothes. She is very nice, smart and talented, but she thinks she is talented enough to be a singer. If she doesn't become a singer, she wants to study math and go to college.


At the beginning of the series, Camila is introduced as an outgoing, spontaneous and determined girl who likes to change her look very often, but her personality remains as it is. She is always ready to protect her friends. She later decides that she wants to wear hippie outfits. As the series goes on, Camila becomes more confident and discovers who she really is. But she becomes unsure whether she will become a singer.



Violetta Castillo

Best girl friend

Violetta and Camila are very close friends. They met in episode 6 when Violetta was visiting the studio with Ramallo. She and Francesca left, but stumbled upon Violetta and asked her if she was taking the entrance exam. In the beginning, Camila saw Violetta as a friend, although Francesca did not see her that way at first. Although it looks like Violetta is more friends with Francesca, Violetta and Camila have a special friendship. Camila gives Violetta information about boys, and Violetta helps Camila discover her talent.

Francesca Cauviglia

Best girl friend

'thumb | 141px | link = file: Camcesca.png 'In the first episode, before they met Violetta, they were best friends, and in a group with Maxi. She and Francesca spend a lot of time together, and Camila helped Francesca with her relationship with Tomas. The two stumbled upon Violetta and met her. Later, the two of them, and Maxi, help Violetta with the entrance exam.

Maxi Ponte

Best friend

Maxi is Camila's best friend. Together they wrote part of Juntos Somos Mas. Maxi accompanied her to a recording studio and always supported her in signing the contract. But, Violetta calls Maxi and tells him that Camila shouldn't sign because it's a trap.



Crush / friend

Camila is in love with Broadway. The only problem: Francesca, her best friend, is in love with him too. Francesca and Camila struggle to get his attention, but later they choose friendship instead of him because they find it more important than a boy. At the end of the first season they get together and have a very close relationship.


Ludmila Ferro


Ludmila and Camila are enemies. Ludmila hates almost everyone, but most of all she hates Camila and Violetta. Camila is nice and a good friend, but Ludmila thinks she is better than Camila and that she is a loser. They argue a lot.


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  • She changes her style a lot, as seen in the opening episodes of Season 1.
  • We can see in almost all episodes that their main style is hippie ..
  • Sometimes she does very crazy things.
  • Ludmila and Naty destroy Rafa Palmer's guitar and blame Camila. Because of this, she decides to wear normal clothes.
  • She can do sums in her head really quickly and with very large numbers.
  • She loves math.
  • She can't live without her cell phone.
  • She believes Violetta has a wonderful voice.
  • She doesn't listen to anyone.
  • She thinks she isn't talented enough.
  • She can play piano, guitar and bass.
  • She is very good at planning.
  • If she doesn't become a famous singer in the future, she has a backup plan and that is to study math and go to college.
  • She thinks friendship means sharing and having fun.
  • She likes singing.
  • She has an amazing voice but thinks she isn't talented enough to become a professional singer.
  • She likes Leonetta.
  • The name Camila means "caretaker for a temple.
  • In the first episodes of season 1, she dressed in different styles such as pop, hippie, emo and punk.
  • She loves to go shopping.
  • She will do anything to make her friends happy.
  • In the second season she has a photo album with all the boys in the studio to find her “green dot”