Myfonts was the font forum

Though I will continue to update my scripts here on the site, I recommend you instead switch to Greasy Fork due to recent downtimes.


Downloading fonts from has never been easier for someone like you who needs their font now! Tested on Greasemonkey for Firefox 25 Beta. * Should * work under Tampermonkey on Google Chrome.

You should see a link that says "MyFonts Downloader" underneath the "Add to Cart" button on the font's "Overview" page, to the right of the image banner and above the "More Fonts Like This" box. Clicking this button will download the font in WOFF font format. From there it can be converted to other formats such as TTF, SVG, or EOT via Everything Fonts ( or Free Font Converter (

Please note this does NOT work for, only, they are similar services but not the same. You'll need the font to be on MyFonts in order for this to work, if it is on, it usually is also on MyFonts (they are competitors).