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  1. It doesn't always go well
  2. Love makes you blind
  3. Foolish love - I love you
  4. Such is love - poem
  5. When is it love? - poem
  6. Am I a complete idiot?
  7. 100% freedom! Is it worth it?
  8. I hate the boy
  9. Finding love….
  10. Of wine, separation and headaches
  11. The sound of a heart breaking

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Self-written texts about love

It starts with the first text about love ...

It doesn't always go well

It is not always good when you confess your love to someone.

Maybe he / she already has a steady partner or - simply and simply - doesn't love you.

I've heard enough times that some people get upset that they have been given a basket. Some then ignore the “guilty party” or from then on only have contempt in their eyes.

Personally, I'm one of those people who then just try not to cry at the next meeting, because it hurts both of them.

Yes, that's right - BOTH.

I want to make it clear to everyone that the person spoken to cannot help their feelings. He / she can't help it if he / she doesn't love her / him; so life is.

Some people might tell me now that nobody can't be angry with the "swimmer", but it works. Only today did I confess my love to someone I've been in love with for a year.

Well And get a basket. He said he knew that I love him, but that he didn't love me but someone else.

Of course I cried for about two hours after that, even though he was in the same room, but I'm not angry with him and will try to carry on normally and not cry in front of him anymore, because he will then also suffer.

He / she can't do anything about you crying, but knows that you are crying because of him / her, which is not necessarily pleasant either.

So: do not be resentful and live on!

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Love makes you blind

"Love is blind and makes you blind, whoever doesn't believe it is a child."

Tell me…

- Love is blind, because when you are in love, nobody in the whole world can do anything about this love, because this love is your world.

- Love is blind, because love encourages you to do or say things that you normally would never do in your life.

- Love makes you blind, because if he or she has a bad character, you will just overlook it.

- Love is blind, because love lets you act irrationally and emotionally instead of acting rationally and logically.

- Love is blind because if your friends tell you that he or she is ugly, you will claim that he or she is the prettiest person in the whole world.

I still believe ...

Love does not make you blind, because love is the opposite of blindness. Love means to see. To see what others cannot or do not want to see. The lover sees the potential of what is in the other instead of just looking at the external appearance.

- Love does not make you blind, because love means knowing the other person with all their mistakes and instead of ignoring them, accepting them as they are and loving the other person precisely for these mistakes.

Love can be blind if you don't take the time to really get to know the other person.

Love makes you blind if you stop at being in love without investing effort or dedication in the relationship, so that being in love can become love.

Because true love can only grow through time and commitment. And when love grows, the blind lover only begins to truly understand what love really means and that the strangeness of the other is not alienation, but closeness.

In this way a person in love becomes a lover and a blind person becomes a sighted person.

Because love is not blind, it only lets us see what is really there.

-The heart-

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Foolish love - I love you

I still love her after all this time!

Three years that I haven't seen her! Okay, maybe 1-2 times, but that was over a year ago. Still, I always have to think about her. Always closed, all the time!

Sometimes the thought is stronger and then weaker again.

Especially when I get to know other women!

Nevertheless, the thought is always there and cannot be driven away! It is especially difficult when I see something or smell something that reminds me of them. Sometimes it's so bad that I can't sleep at night.

I know it's foolish, I know it's illusory, but I can't help it! I have to think about her all the time. Can't let go of it, even though it seems so simple!

Though there are so many other pretty, intelligent, and charming women out there. Women who would probably suit me better. Not just likely, but definitely! Women who are just as, no, even prettier, smarter and more charming ...

But none of that changes anything I can't help but think about her.

Even though I wasn't even with her! Not even for a short time, a short night, or a short day! What foolish love

A foolish love that I cannot defend myself against!
Because I still love her!


Such is love

Life is a journey.
We meet by chance
Stop by and have a good time together.
We don't know for how long.

Some we meet more often
some we never meet.
But that's life.
Everything comes naturally.

Like love.
Love is not blind
Love is not a wish list
Love means putting others in front of you.

'Cause if we only understood
how much love means to us
and how important love is in our life.

Then we would know how to love together
this world, this place, a better place for us,
and our fellow human beings could do.
Because that's how love is.

-The heart-

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When is it love?

She meets us in many ways ...
Impenetrable and equally so strong ...
She touches us with every ray of sunshine ...
And with every spring sound.
With every touch, every moment ...
Sometimes it gets stronger and sometimes weaker ...
Sometimes more visible and then invisible again ...
Because love is what dreams are made of!

But when is it love?
When I say: I love you!
You say: you love me!
Or at the first glance
At the first kiss
The first sex
Or the first frustration?

When is it love

When we both love each other
What if we chat for hours?
Late into the night to get on the news
the SMS to wait for the call?
Is it enough if I want you, but you don't, or vice versa ...

When is it love
When you can't take it anymore until you see each other again?
When your stomach turns with the pain of love?
Or when you can't sleep because your head burns with love?

When is it love
What if a mother sacrifices herself for her child?
The father weeps for his daughter?
Or the slight sound of birds touching our ears?

When is love love and not affection ...
No dreamy feeling of connectedness ...
and no sexual bond!

When is love love and not just a maybe?


Am I a complete idiot?

I could have gone home earlier today, but I didn't.

I didn't go home earlier because the only thing I could think of, all day, was you and the chance to meet you in some way.

So I spent the whole evening tonight waiting for you at the bus station.

To wait for you like an idiot.

Complete idiot, because only complete idiots wait for something that probably won't happen at all. Because what did I expect? That you suddenly come around the corner and I see you? That we even talk? Talking about old times and everything is okay?

And I don't even know whether you will be taking the bus today, yes, whether you are in the city or even in the country today.

Then why did I wait for you? Just for the small chance that you are home after all, that you are taking the bus somewhere today? Or did I do it to prove once and for all what a complete idiot I am and finally to show it to everyone.

But I'm probably a complete idiot because I want a second chance again, even if in this case it would not be the second, but the third.

But in this case I would like to be a complete idiot and also like to boast about waiting hours for you at the bus station for free, because if there is still a chance for us, I won't just wait today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but the whole month at the bus station and like to stay a complete idiot for you and for everyone else too.

In love your idiot!

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100% freedom! Is it worth it?

It is a common misconception to believe that a relationship is 50% connected and 50% free. Because this is at most half a relationship. A perfect relationship consists of 100% connectedness and 100% freedom. Because if I am really in love and 100% connected to my partner, I can also allow him 100% freedom. Sounds simple at first glance, but it's damn hard to implement. However, it is worth thinking about it ...


I hate the boy

I hate the boy who blushes when she walks into the room.
I hate the boy who looks away when she looks at him.
I hate the boy who can't speak when she's with him.
I hate the boy who starts stuttering when she speaks to him.
I hate the boy who gets sick when she's not around.
I hate the boy who can't sleep because he has to think about her all the time.
I hate the boy who dreams all day and imagines a future together.

I hate the boy who is still a boy because if he were a man he wouldn't blush or become speechless, wouldn't start stuttering, and wouldn't just think about her all the time. Because if the boy were a man, he would realize that it was for his; their love doesn't stand a chance. He would just go on.
I finally want to be a man, but I can't because the boy is too strong.
Why am i this boy

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Now it’s going on with great texts about love!


Finding love….

For the first time in my life I love REALLY….

Many frogs have sneaked in over the past few years and soon ran away again…. or I wanted to be free again….

It's been three years now…. but then I saw THESE EYES ... but the opposite was the same (as I found out later) .... everything passed me somehow as if in a frenzy and then our ways parted again ... we spent some really nice moments, days, weeks ... but our idea of ​​life, our future, somehow did not fit together at that moment ... and then the years passed ...

Until that one day ... HE wrote to me ... if I had expected everything ... but a message from HIM ... no ... yes, why too ... we hadn't seen each other for almost three years, not spoken ...
An appointment was quickly made…. I had such anticipation as I've never known you ... my whole body tingled ... I was nervous and excited ... why ... I don't know ... or maybe I am now?
Because as I said ... never seen ...

And suddenly HE stood ... as then ... still the same joy of life ... HIS WAY ... and THESE EYES ... we sat together for hours ... it was difficult for both of us to say goodbye ...
This evening was followed by countless numbers ... like an addiction ... you want more and more of it ... more and more time together, only HIM ... the thoughts only with HIM!

At first we couldn't believe all of this, couldn't put our feelings into words ... our attitude and everything around it that moved us in life at this point in time ... suddenly EVERYTHING fit together ... nothing stood in the way ... and is today this is no different ... even today, we still ask ourselves what happiness ... what lucky coincidence ... with what respect, with what respect, affection and of course LOVE we master life together ...

We both would never have believed it ... because both had finished with the topic that there really is BIG LOVE ..

But still ... THERE IS IT ... TRUE LOVE!
She suddenly makes everything else so meaningless
It suddenly makes you forget everything else ...
It makes you feel free ... free from worries ...
She lets you float ...
She lets you LIVE ...
It's just TRUE ...

WE WILL HOLD YOU, without crushing you….


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Of wine, separation and headaches

Why? Why is it always so fast?

In the one second you still love each other immortally and from now on nothing, it's all over. All the love, all the time spent wiped away. As if none of this meant anything anymore. Does this really mean nothing anymore? Is it wasted time? Looking for the one person to truly love?

I dont know.

I only know one thing. That it hurts a hell of a lot. That it hurts so much that it would be better to waste even more on time that will soon become meaningless. That you waste so long, stay together as long as possible to avoid the inevitable, the end. Because the heart would not be able to cope with another separation.
It would probably be able to cope with it. But we, I wouldn't. Another breakup would not only mean another end, another relationship, but above all a failure of my own person. And who likes to see themselves fail? Another separation can only mean one thing: Either a poor choice of the partner or too little commitment in the relationship!

Of course, I immediately ask myself which of the two is better. Bad selection or too little effort? And if so, how can this be remedied? At the moment I would definitely bet on the bad selection. After all, that means that at least in the relationship you have nothing to reproach yourself for, except for a wrong choice at the beginning. You can't help it and you couldn't have done anything about it after it had already happened. And what bad taste can you get? It's like eating out. Sometimes you go to the right place, sometimes to the wrong place. Sometimes you choose the delicious food and then again the wrong one. Sometimes you order the right wine and sometimes you have a headache the next day. So it can only be again, the bad choice I made at the beginning, as so often in my short, fragile life.

At some point I'll make the right decision, for the right person at the right time. But what if not? What if my choice is always wrong? What if I can't help but keep ordering the wrong wine? Since I know that I will get a headache from him the next day, but today, yes today, he will do me good. Who thinks about tomorrow? Doesn't it say so beautifully: "Live and don't think about tomorrow?"

So what if I already know internally at the beginning of the relationship: It won't work, but for a while, yes, for a while it will be okay. A little while then becomes habit and habit becomes love. In the end, you completely forgot that you really only wanted to stay together for a while. A while until something better comes up, but somehow this didn't happen and you just got used to it. Arranged until you no longer want to come to terms with it, until I could no longer come to terms with it. Yes, until I remember why I only wanted to stay together for a while at the beginning. A little while and not a year. But now it's too late and a while has turned into several months. Miserable long months of wasted time. Or maybe not? Maybe the fault lies in the relationship after all!

So the mistakes in the relationship, especially the lack of commitment, are definitely preferable to choosing the wrong partner. Because I can perhaps bring the lack of commitment in the next relationship. Just try a little more. Just throw in the headache medicine that prevents the headache the next day so nicely in the evening. Instead of forgetting them or deliberately not taking them because the way to the medicine cabinet would be too far. So what if I tried harder in the next relationship, tried harder? Maybe, maybe it'll finally work out and all of this would come to an end. This miserably long rat run, off to happiness.

But it’s still a long time until then. So why not have a little fun beforehand?

Now I'm going to split up first. Because the way to the tablets is long. Too long and too strenuous.

I can still make an effort next time.


The sound of a heart breaking

The sound of a heart breaking is neither poetic nor majestic.

It's like hell on earth. Deeply sad and in pain.
It's like someone ramming a long, pointed, serrated kitchen knife into your heart with all their might. In your little contemplative haven of life. Not just once, but a thousand times. Over and over and over again. That the wound gets bigger and bigger. On which all your life force, all your warmth and all your love pours into a small wide lake of blood and dirt.

Until it's over at some point!
The stream of life, of love, lies torn in darkness. Because at some point the pain is so great. The fragments of your heart so small. The dull sound of life is so puny that there is no more love far and wide. Because only darkness still exists. The hate. The grief. The agony of having to go through it all over and over again.

The sound of a heart breaking is not poetic.
The sound of a heart breaking is like death.
Unfortunately without the part in which you die.


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