Heaven and earth were filmed game

The images of an unidentified flying object were taken from the ISS on October 15. So far it has not been possible to explain what this is all about.

  • On October 15th the ISS filmed a mysterious light.
  • The inclusion is close to the earth.
  • In which unknown light it is an inexplicable source.

Munich - Will the scenario of numerous Hollywood films come true and we will finally get in touch with Aliens? Under a YouTube video, the rumors are boiling hot after a mysterious light was captured by the ISS. The International space station ISS captured an unknown source of light very close to Earth on October 15th. The special thing about the video: In contrast to the moon, the light is colored red and flashes several times in quick succession.

Did the ISS film a UFO? Mysterious lights in the sky remain without explanation

For the YouTuber and self-proclaimed "earth guardian" MrMBB333 a found topic. The American from Arizona has about 440,000 subscribers on YouTube and is devoted to exceptional Phenomena around the earth. What exactly is light about and whether it is possibly a UFO the YouTuber doesn't really know either. However, speculation is already boiling under the video, because not only the ISS has caught the light. Several users from Ohio, Kentucky and other states of the United States want to have seen the light too.

Did the ISS film a UFO? YouTuber shows mysterious lights from footage of the space station

Several of the comments even suggest that they are not seeing the light for the first time - apparently the light has been submerged every summer for several years Ohio on. Whether it's a star, a Asteroids or a reflection of light on another object remained unclear in the end. But the “Earth Guardian” and YouTuber “MrMBB333” has probably already turned to other things, as he publishes unusual discoveries on earth and in our solar system for his subscribers several times a week. So it could be that we will continue to contact you at first Aliens have to wait. (tko)