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Every year on the second Sunday in May the time has come again: Mother's Day is just around the corner. On this special day, you thank your own mother. Because it is their love and sacrifice that makes the family feel at home. We thank her for the work she does for the family every day. We have summarized the best congratulations for Mother's Day here so that you can say thank you with a greeting card or a message. It doesn't matter whether you deliver your Mother's Day congratulations by post, WhatsApp, email, voice message or in person, our sayings for Mother's Day show your gratitude.

The short congratulations on Mother's Day - it doesn't get any shorter than this!

  • Much love for Mother's day.
  • Happy Mothers's Day.
  • Congratulations on Mother's Day.
  • I congratulate you on mother's day.
  • I wish you a wonderful mother's day.
  • Countless warm wishes for Mother's Day.
  • Congratulations on Mother's Day.
  • For Mother's Day I wish you health and happiness.
  • From the bottom of my heart all the best for Mother's Day.
  • Thank you for always being there for me, dear mom, congratulations on Mother's Day.
  • Dear mom, my warmest congratulations on your special day.
  • Dear mom, today is your special day - I congratulate you very much.
  • For Mother's Day, I wish the best mother in the world only the very best of all the best.
  • Dear mom, have an exceptionally nice day today and let yourself be pampered.
  • I thank you for everything and I wish you a very nice day today.
  • I wish you all the best for Mother's Day with all my heart.
  • Dear mom, I wish you a particularly pleasant day today.
  • I wish you all the luck in the world for Mother's Day from the bottom of my heart.
  • I wish you all the best for mother's day.
  • Happy Mother's Day, let yourself be pampered today.
  • I wish you all the best on this special day.
  • I wish you a happy mother's day.
  • For Mother's Day I say thank you a thousand times and wish you all the best.
  • For Mother's Day I wish you a lot of sun in your heart and especially lots of joy.
  • Happy Mother's Day, thank you for being there.

Funny mother's day wishes

Of course, you can also make a little difficult on Mother's Day:

  • Mom don't tell dad, but you're a lot cooler than him! Happy Mother's Day!
  • Dear mom, be happy
    because luckily you have me.
    This day would be without me
    no mother's day for you at all.
  • Congratulations on being the happiest mom in the world for having such a handsome, intelligent, and incredible child. Happy Mother's Day!
  • You are my favorite mom! But I only have one. Fun! Much love for Mother's day!
  • Thank you for raising & pampering me crazy and wild. I wouldn't be the best person now if I weren't from you, mom
  • Dear mom, on your Mother's Day I would like to express my personal thanks to you for always ironing my shirts and washing my socks so nicely. Your mothers son.

Congratulations on Mother's Day from the daughter

  • I am honored to be your daughter, I am proud to have you as my mother. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
  • I hope to be a mother like you. Strong, loving, devoted, inspiring, wonderful and cool! Happy Mothers's Day.
  • Your love is like a rainbow that brings color to my world. I am such a happy daughter. I love you mom!

Mother's Day wishes from the son

  • It's the day when you can sit back and relax. Let me take care of you today Have a great mothers day!
  • For my wonderful mother, who is very tolerant with a son like me: I LOVE YOU! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
  • There is always love in everything you do. How else did I become such a happy son? Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

How to congratulate

The classic way to convey your congratulations on Mother's Day is a card and a bouquet of flowers. Flowers bring joy, regardless of whether you plowed them yourself, bought them fresh or had them delivered. Those who do not know their mother's favorite flowers (every woman has a favorite flower) do well with the following flowers:

  • Red roses
  • Orchids
  • Tulips


It doesn't always have to be the cut flower. Potted plants can also be given away. You can contact the local florist for this purpose. But many hardware stores and garden centers are also expanding their range just in time for Mother's Day.

Greeting card for congratulations on Mother's Day

A beautiful greeting card looks much more than a postcard or a simple piece of paper.

We recommend simply buying a card for congratulations on Mother's Day online here on Amazon. These can also be personalized if you don't have a nice font. If you are lucky you can also use a font from our font generator. Heart symbols should of course not be missing.

Your own photo or motif can also be printed on many cards. Ideal for a mother / child picture.

Conclusion Congratulations on Mother's Day

There are so many great sayings for Mother's Day. Do not let this day go by with a 0815 saying!