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Tarot Guide: How To Read And Put The Tarot Cards Correctly

Almost everyone knows tarot cards: They fascinate with their peculiar imagery full of symbols and different characters. But hardly anyone knows how to read and place them correctly for their personal horoscope, and interest in tarot is constantly increasing. With this short introduction, however, you have a good orientation:

Laying and reading tarot cards: a short story

Tarot is a very young art, even if the first cards were around 1400. Back then, however, they were used to play, not to read the future from them. At the end of the 19th century, British occultists discovered the game for themselves, and the married couple MacGregor and Moina Maters wrote their first book on modern tarot. Two different decks of cards subsequently prevailed: The so-called Rider Waite Deck, which is extremely popular to this day and the so-called Dead deck, which is named after the Egyptian god of the alphabet and is characterized by the incorporation of astrological symbols.

How does a tarot card set work?

A tarot game is divided into the major and minor arcana. The cards are easy to tell apart from the look alone: ​​The 22 cards of the major arcana depict the universe, the world and various myths. The remaining 56 cards of the minor arcana are divided into coins, staffs, swords and goblets. The major arcana is used to determine global events and drastic changes, the small for everyday occurrences.

Tarot horoscope: how do you place (and read) the tarot cards correctly?

First of all, it is important to shuffle the cards well. Anyone who believes in the Tarot is convinced that whoever shuffles the cards to whom they are dealt. Because, according to astrology, when you mix them yourself, you establish a spiritual connection to the tarot cards, which makes personal interpretation possible in the first place. After all the cards are shuffled, they are divided into three even piles, face down. Then you remove the top card and place the three cards next to each other. Depending on the question, the following interpretations can be made from left to right: the left stands for the past, the map in the middle for the present, the right for the future. Alternatively, your own person on the left, the opposite in the middle, partnership or friendship on the right. Opportunities, challenges and results are also conceivable - in short: the possibilities of the questions are limitless. Once you have placed the cards, you read their meaning and interpret them as symbolically or literally as is appropriate for the question. There are no strict rules, but - according to the Tarot - one should above all be guided by one's intuition.

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