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Monica Reyes

Early Years [edit source]

Childhood [edit | edit source]

Monica Reyes was born and raised in Mexico. She consequently learned to speak fluent Spanish. - (John Doe)

It is implied that she was born in 1968, given her belief, in (Hellbound) that she was the reincarnated soul of someone who died that year.

Monica was interested in numerology as a child and asked several people numerological questions about themselves when she was young. Her interest in numerology would stay with her through her teenage and adult years. In 2002, she admitted that she would still ask people their birthdate when she met them at a party and that the question was "kind of an icebreaker". - (Improbable)

Education and Early Career edit source]

In university, Reyes earned a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies. - (This is not happening)

She joined the FBI in 1990 and eventually became a Special Agent - (The TruthEmpedocles). During her early career, she was stationed in New York, where she would occasionally buy take-out from a restaurant on 11th Street called Carlo's. — (EmpedoclesRelease)

Reyes is first established as being a Special Agent in the episode "Empedocles" and must have earned that rank prior to the events depicted in that episode, most of which are set in 2001, though no other information establishing a more specific time is ever provided .

In 1993, Reyes was assigned as the lead investigator in the search for John Doggett's missing son, Luke - (ReleaseEmpedocles). After three days of searching, the child's body was found lying face down in a remote park area - (This is not happeningEmpedocles). Reyes was present when the body was found and had a vision as if the corpse had momentarily changed into ashes. She was unable to explain the vision, although she considered the possibility that it may have been a psychic experience. Although it was determined that Luke Doggett had been strangled to death, neither Reyes nor any of the other law enforcement officers involved in the case managed to catch the killer. In 2001, Reyes commented that searching for the child was the hardest case she had ever had, "as in stealing-into-the-bathroom-to-cry-my-eyes-out kind of hard". - (Empedocles)

Though the "date of last contact" with Luke Doggett is given in "Empedocles" as 8/12/97 (or August 12, 1997), it is well established that his father, John Doggett, was still working in the New York City Police Department when Luke's body was discovered. "Within" gives 1995 as the year that John Doggett left the police force, providing evidence that the "date of last contact" given in "Empedocles" is probably incorrect. Another date for Luke's death was later provided in "Release" - August 13, 1993 - and this seems more likely than the date given in "Empedocles".

She also met Brad Follmer while in New York - (Nothing Important Happened Today). The two worked together in the New York Bureau office and ultimately became romantically involved - (ReleaseNothing Important Happened Today). Reyes ended her relationship with Follmer at the same time as she left New York. - (Release)

Reyes was later assigned to the New Orleans field office, where she specialized in ritualistic crime - (This is not happening). She investigated hundreds of claims of satanic ritualistic abuse but never found anything to support evidence of genuine satanic activity and never prosecuted any satanic cases - (DæmonicusThe Truth). Nevertheless, she remained open to the theory that the corruption existed. She believed that there were spiritual energies in the universe and that she was sensitive to them, but other agents stationed in New Orleans did not share her ideas. - (This is not happening)

Reyes once worked a case in New Orleans with Special Agent Robert Comer. She perceived him to be a "company man, straight as a ruler". - (Provenance)

In 2001, Reyes was contacted by John Doggett, who had also become an FBI agent since 1993 and needed her help on a case he was working on involving the disappearances of several believers in the alien abduction phenomenon. Reyes suspected the believers had formed a like-minded group, uniting in their belief in UFOs to make an attempt at transporting aboard a gigantic mother ship, much like the Heaven's Gate UFO religion had done, but she also considered the possibility that members of the group had actually been abducted by extraterrestrials.

One night in Helena, Montana, Reyes was amazed to see a bright light traveling across the sky and recovered the deceased body of Gary Cory, one of the missing believers. She was later instrumental in leading the investigation to a nearby farm compound, where formerly missing believers Theresa Hoese and Special Agent Fox Mulder were discovered, although the latter was found dead. During this investigation, Reyes met and worked with Assistant Director Walter Skinner and Special Agent Dana Scully. - (This is not happening)

Once Reyes returned to working on cases in New Orleans, Detective Franklin Potter requested her help on investigating two killings that he believed had been satanic ritual murders. Reyes initially suspected that being fired by his employers had motivated the killer, Jeb Larold Dukes, to shoot them and that the murders had not involved satanic activity. However, after seeing a vision of one of the victims' bodies turn to ash, Reyes became convinced that the case was somehow related to the search for Luke Doggett and the vision she had experienced at the end of that search, possibly leading her to the capture of Luke Doggett's killer. She tried to determine the connection between the two cases with help from Agent Mulder, who had been revived since the discovery of his deceased body, and a cynical Doggett.

When Jeb Dukes took his young cousin, Mia, hostage, Reyes managed to shoot Dukes without wounding Mia. Reyes suspected that the only reason she had seen the latest of her two visions may have been to save Mia. She was present when Jeb Dukes died shortly thereafter in Washington Memorial Hospital and was attacked in the same room by his angered sister, Katha, although she was saved by Doggett, who also subdued her attacker. Reyes returned to the belief that there was a thread of evil at work that she now thought would be ever-present and had passed to Katha Dukes. - (Empedocles)

Reyes was later called upon to help a pregnant Scully escape Billy Miles, an aliensuper-soldier who was a threat to both Agent Scully and her unborn child - (essence). After flying to Washington, D.C., Reyes drove Scully from the FBI's headquarters to Democrat Hot Springs, Georgia, a secluded location where it was believed Scully could deliver her baby safely - (essenceExistence). Reyes used her instincts to select a building she and Scully would use and saw another bright light in the sky shining above the location. Although she prepared the building for the baby's delivery, Reyes soon discovered that she and Scully were not alone. Reyes was attacked and had to defend herself against Billy Miles, who was shot at point-blank range and should have died, but didn't. She was unable to prevent a large group of other supersoldiers like Billy Miles from joining him and watching Scully give birth to her son. Once the child was born, the aliens left as Mulder arrived in search of Scully. Directed by Reyes, Mulder found Scully and took her to a hospital. - (Existence)

Career [edit source]

Assignment [edit | edit source]

Following her role in the delivery of Scully's son, William, Monica Reyes was assigned to the X-Files by Agent Doggett, who assumed that right as he was investigating his superior in the FBI, Deputy Director Alex Krycek, for his dealings with the alien super -soldiers - (Existence). Reyes was highly excited to be appointed an office in Washington, D.C. and to begin investigating the X-Files - her dream assignment - (Nothing Important Happened Today). She consequently planned to do her best work on the cases - (The Truth). Prior to her new assignment, she had previously visited Gdansk, Poland, and had learned some Latin - (4-DDæmonicus). She had also watched episodes of The Brady Bunch, and had previously visited a split-level house in Studio City that had been used for exterior shots in the filming of that series, photographing the house upon her visit. - (Sunshine Days)

It is unclear when Monica visited Gdansk, learned Latin, watched The Brady Bunch or visited the house used to shoot that television show. It is also not specified whether she learned more Latin words than just "daemonicus" and "medicus" - words that, in the episode "Dæmonicus", she translates as "Satan" or "demon possession", and "physician".

Two days after being assigned to the X-Files, Monica visited an office in the FBI's headquarters that belonged to Brad Follmer, who she hadn't seen since 1999 and who was now an Assistant Director. AD Follmer provided her with proof that all evidence of Doggett's claim of a chase, crash and fire that had reportedly occurred in the parking garage of the FBI's headquarters had apparently been removed during the weekend, the previous two days in which Reyes and Doggett had not been at work. Reyes later discovered that Mulder, who had also witnessed the chase, crash and fire, was missing without explanation.

When AD Skinner warned that he would not continue to support Doggett if he did not drop his investigation of Deputy Director Kersh, Reyes feared that, if Doggett complied with Skinner's wishes, the FBI might close the X-Files and that she could be reassigned to the New Orleans Bureau office. Additionally, she later first met The Lone Gunmen.Nothing Important Happened Today)

While investigating the death of Carl Wormus, Reyes and her colleagues encountered a super-soldier named Shannon McMahon, who had killed Carl Wormus and revealed information about a conspiracy within the US government to hide and develop a secret program. Apparently, the program would prime America's population to breed a generation of super soldiers by adding a chemical called chloramine to the nation's water supply. Reyes alone was suspicious of Shannon McMahon and discovered that she herself was part of the conspiracy. Reyes and her colleagues also discovered a Navy ship, the USS Valor Victory, where the ova of female abductees had been secretly being manipulated for transplantation. Ultimately, however, Shannon McMahon was apparently killed by super-soldier Knowle Rohrer and the Valor Victory was destroyed by a bomb on board the craft that exploded moments after the agents managed to escape. - (Nothing Important Happened Today)

Monica's fear that the X-Files might be closed and that she might be reassigned to the FBI's New Orleans field office was put to rest exactly two days after the destruction of the Valor Victory, when Doggett handed in a report that mentioned the ship, super-soldiers and Shannon McMahon but did not include any reference to Kersh. - (Nothing Important Happened TodayNothing Important Happened Today II)

Reyes subsequently used her expertise regarding claims of demon possession during a murder case she investigated with Doggett and Scully. Shortly after they became involved in the case, Reyes reportedly experienced a strong sense of evil that she couldn't explain and had never felt before. At a mental hospital where the murderer had been employed, Reyes and the other two agents encountered a patient who seemed to know about the murders. Reyes suspected that the patient was in telepathic contact with the killer and she attempted to prove her suspicion. However, the murderer later shot himself to death before Reyes and her colleagues could intervene and the mental patient, who was actually a master manipulator, managed to escape by tricking the agents into believing he had been shot and killed. - (Dæmonicus)

Reyes soon moved into an apartment at 67 Bennett Avenue, in a quiet neighborhood of uptown Washington, D.C ..

While Doggett was visiting her, Reyes received confusing news that he had been found unconscious after having been shot in an alley fourteen miles away. After discovering that Doggett was no longer in her apartment and that he had indeed been shot, Reyes became extremely puzzled by the incident but was suspected by AD Follmer of having shot Doggett herself. She alone came to the unlikely conclusion that Doggett had been replaced by a nearly identical Doggett, who had been shot and consequently paralyzed moments after having come from a parallel universe. She discovered that the man who had shot Doggett, Erwin Timothy Lukesh, was capable of traveling between universes and had killed her double in the parallel universe. Although she was attacked by Lukesh, who threatened to murder her again, Reyes was saved by AD Follmer, who shot and killed Lukesh. After she turned off Doggett's life-support machine, believing that act would allow the Doggett of her universe to return, Reyes found herself back in her apartment at the time Doggett had been visiting her there. Only Reyes was aware of the events that had since transpired. - (4-D)

During her next investigation, Reyes became panicked when she and Doggett were surrounded by a swarm of flies. Later, she temporarily became trapped in a large webbed sac after unsuccessfully attempting to arrest a boy who represented a biological anomaly as he was neither human nor insect but something between those two. - (Lord of the Flies)

In early 2002, Reyes and Doggett were contacted by a source claiming to have classified military files on the supersoldiers, including the names of each one, but the source was only willing to exclusively provide the information to Mulder, who had been forced into hiding to escape the threat of the supersoldiers. Reyes and both her colleagues came to learn that the National Security Agency had been conducting intense video and audio surveillance on them without their knowledge. Reyes also learned that an NSA agent's baby and Scully's young son, William, had both exhibited seemingly telekinetic abilities. Reyes looked after William while Scully continued to investigate the anonymous source, who was actually a supersoldier acting as the NSA agent's superior. However, when Scully's life was later endangered by the supersoldier, Reyes rescued Scully from being shot. - (Trust No. 1)

After Doggett went missing in Mexico while investigating the disappearance of Texan banker Hollis Rice, Reyes and a large task force searched for him. Reyes attempted to track Doggett down from the FBI's field office in San Antonio, Texas but, on the twelfth day of Doggett's disappearance, the search was limited by Kersh, who disbanded the task force and confined Reyes to the San Antonio field office. She alone was tasked with locating her FBI partner, though she was later helped by Scully and Skinner without authorization. Reyes' familiarity with the Spanish language proved useful in both San Antonio and after she unofficially ventured into Mexico, where she eventually found Doggett on the thirteenth day of his disappearance. As all memory of his identity had been taken from him, Reyes helped him remember who he was, including the painful recollection of his son's murder. She, along with Doggett, managed to escape from police officers who shot at the agents as they were under the supervision of a cartel that had been responsible for the disappearances of Doggett and Hollis Rice. - (John Doe)

After she and Doggett returned to the FBI's headquarters, Reyes took a special interest in a series of murders in which each victim had been skinned alive in Novi, Virginia. While she investigated the murders with Doggett and Scully, Reyes provided an unparalleled insight into the case. She was captured by the murderer, a local detective named Van Allen, but was soon released and ultimately discovered that her interest and insightful intuition regarding the case was apparently due to her investigation of similar, unsolved murders in several past lives. Each time, the murderer, who was now Van Allen, had killed four victims. However, Reyes managed to stop Allen from killing his fourth victim, a DoctorLisa Holland, and finally shot the murderer, who later died in hospital. - (Hellbound)

The end of "Hellbound" suggests that the murderer was reborn, without Reyes' knowledge. For more information about Monica's discovery of her past lives, see the Other Lives section below.

Also in 2002, Reyes learned that Robert Comer, who she had worked with in her early career, had been undercover in Canada as a member of a religious UFO cult but had recently crashed his motorcycle while attempting to cross the North Dakota border from Canada. - (ProvenanceProvidence)

Robert Comer is seen crashing his motorcycle in "Provenance", but Reyes only discovers that he did so in the following episode, "Providence".

Reyes also determined that the cult Robert Comer had been investigating had found a spacecraft that was similar to a craft Scully had seen in Africa two years before, and that the surface structure of both spacecraft were designed with symbols that Scully had interpreted as being from various religious scriptures as well as from science. Reyes was shocked by the possibility that the text might be the word of God.

After Robert Comer tried to kill Scully's son, Reyes ensured that no harm would come to the baby or to Scully's mother, Margaret