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Police emergency number in urgent cases: 110

In 2015, the number of break-ins in NRW increased significantly by 18.1 percent to 62,362 cases. The NRW police reacted to this - with success! In 2016, the number of cases fell by 15.7 percent to 52,578 offenses, in 2017 by a further 25.7 percent to 39,057 offenses.

In 2018, the number of burglaries fell by almost a quarter (23.4 percent) to 29,904. The last time there were fewer break-ins were in 1981. The number of attempts has increased further. In addition, the clearance rate has increased. This shows how important it is to improve the burglar protection of the house or apartment so that these attempts remain unsuccessful.

With the campaign against burglary, the police in North Rhine-Westphalia - with the help of the citizens - put a stop to the perpetrators.

The core of the campaign is the threefold bar against burglars:

  • Watch out for suspicious people / situations
  • In the event of suspicion, call the police immediately on 110
  • Let your police advise you neutrally and free of charge on burglary protection.

Secure your home - so that it stays your home!
Every citizen can make an active contribution to preventing break-ins through attentiveness. A culture of looking and acting makes it harder for the perpetrators.
Anyone who keeps an eye on their surroundings and neighborhood, notices suspicious people or events, should immediately inform the police via 110.

One thing is certain:
Burglars get in at any time of the day. It often happens during the day when the residents are “only gone for a short time”. Especially in the winter months they take advantage of the early darkness. The perpetrators are in a hurry and take every opportunity.

When police and citizens work together, burglars can be stopped.

Improve the burglary protection of your house or apartment

Secure possible weak points in your house or apartment by installing tested and certified security technology. The technical advisors of the NRW police in the commissariats for crime prevention and victim protection of your local police authority will advise you neutrally and free of charge.

You can find an overview in the document Advice centers of the North Rhine-Westphalia police for download on the right.

You can find an advice center search by postcode and further information on police crime prevention at www.polizei-beratung.de

Have the security technology installed professionally by companies that are listed on the address records of the State Criminal Police Office in North Rhine-Westphalia. The list of addresses of specialist companies for mechanical security devices as well as the list of addresses for companies installing robbery and burglar alarm systems can be downloaded on the right-hand side.

Live safely together! - Burglary protection in apartment buildings

In order to sustainably improve security in apartment buildings and their surroundings - in addition to equipping doors and windows with security technology - recommendations for crime-preventive urban planning and building design must also be implemented. These aim to improve the social structure, such as B. to positively influence the cohesion and togetherness in the neighborhood as well as the interest in the living environment. This also increases social control and the willingness to make yourself available as a witness. In addition, through structural and spatial design measures, among other things. Factors are reduced which favor the commission of criminal offenses.

The LKA has compiled information for owners and property managers on burglary protection in the document "Living safely together! - Building equipment for apartment buildings". In addition, an information board with information for residents of apartment buildings is available for download. This can either be used as a "sign" in stairwells or distributed as a flyer. The technical advisors in the local district police authorities are available for further information.

Use the funding of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Since January 2014, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has been promoting structural measures to protect against burglary and to improve security on and in the building with low-interest loans as part of investment funding. You can find out more about this in the information sheet for citizens.

You can also find the flyer subsidies for burglary protection in the download box on the right.

Information for those affected by a break-in

If you or someone close to you is the victim of a break-in, you can find information on the procedure and tips in the victim's brochure. You can inquire about the addresses of important contacts at the Criminal Police Office for Crime Prevention and Victim Protection at your local police authority.

However, if you have been broken into and items are lost, the police and insurance companies need a detailed description of the stolen items. Clearly mark your valuables and write down the most important data.
You can find a register of valuables entry aid on the right in the download box.

Looking for lost valuables

The BKA offers a research platform on the Internet:

This link opens a new window with the securius internet database.

"Safe at home" network

Together against burglars - "Safe at home" network supports the "Riegel vor!" On the initiative of various police authorities, the "Safe at Home" network was launched in 2005.

The purpose of the registered, non-profit association under the patronage of the Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia is to inform citizens about the importance and practical possibilities of burglary and fire protection.

Numerous district police authorities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia cooperate with the local protection associations of the network, in which the police, craft, municipalities and companies from industry, services and the insurance sector work together.

More about the network: www.zuhause-sicherheit.de

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