Moka and Kurumu lemon fanfiction where Naruto

The next morning I was frantically awakened by Ami.
When Ami told me that, I was on my feet immediately.
"What where did he go ???"
"I have no idea Riku and Tsubasa are looking for him all over Konoha but so far it doesn't seem like they have found him."
"Shit !!! What time is it ????"
"Well 1 hour before school starts."
"Shit, shit, shit, shit !!!!!"
I got up and then took off the "morning ritual I skipped today, my only concern was to find Naruto again.
So I went with Ami to look for Naruto.
// How could Naruto run away, he's only 2 1/2 years old, so like the hell he opened the door. The little one is kind of annoying. If he wreaks havoc again he'll be my little pooch !!!!!!!! //
We looked for him until shortly before class started, but we didn't find him.
// Where can he be !!!! //
"Hey Naruko don't worry, we'll find him and maybe he'll be back home after class and sleep souls in a cozy blanket or something."
"I hope so hard."
4 of us went to our classroom and sat at our table.
Less than a minute later Iruka came in and divided our class into 3 groups. Iruka praised Ami, Riku, Tsubasa and me very much so we should start with the ninjutsu training, since we could already do everything else. Fortunately, I was still very worried about Naruto.
Me and my 3 friends, we went to training ground 4 where Iruka sent us there, we should wait for a sensei to be precise, we should wait for a Jonin, we didn't know who it was.
When we got to the training ground we waited 15 minutes or more until the Jonin finally came.
And who I saw there amazed me totally .....

Actually I wanted to combine this into a whole chapter but I decided to split this chapter again, sorry because the first part was so short but I hope that the second part will be even longer.
I split this chapter because I don't want to reveal who the Sensei is and where Naruto is right now.
I want to let you guess. I'm nasty.
Well until the second part of the chapter Naruto is gone !!!! Naruko Namikaze wishes you lots of fun reading.
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