Define Wholesale vs. Retail ISO


Wholesale refers to those dealers who sell their products Corporate banking to sell. It does not matter whether these companies use the products to generate additional power (e.g. the preparation of meals in restaurants) or resell them unprocessed themselves. Against this background, wholesaling is to be distinguished fromRetail trade, who sells directly to the end customer. In this respect, wholesaling is on a higher level Sales level along the Value chain.

Function of wholesale

The function of the wholesale trade is that of a kind of "middleman" between manufacturer and dealer. He takes on the bundling of various products in large quantities. This has benefits for both manufacturers and retailers, including saving storage costs. The orientation of wholesalers is very different. Similar to the retail sector, there are very specialized wholesalers that focus exclusively on one industry. There are also wholesalers (the so-called wholesale markets) who offer a variety of different products from different areas.


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