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Act of heartbreaker
He is young, beautiful and mysterious: Nico (Niels Schneider). When Marie (Monia Chokri) and Francis (Xavier Dolan) meet the beau at a party in Montreal, it's love at first sight. Both are equally carried away by its natural charisma and irritating aloofness - the prelude to a difficult ménage à trois. While Marie and Francis were once friendly, their crush on Nico now turns them into rivals. The blond boy enjoys being adored by both of them, but will he reciprocate the feelings shown towards him? And if so: does his heart beat for the extravagant Marie or for the reserved Francis?

Background & information about heartbreakers
Heartbreaker (OT: Les Amours Imaginaires) is already the second directorial work by the 21-year-old Xavier Dolan, who has cemented his reputation as a child prodigy from Canada. Dolan wrote his first screenplay at the tender age of 17 and filmed it himself at 19 (I Killed My Mother). Immediately afterwards, work on Heartbreaker began. Dolan directed it, was the main actor, producer and screenwriter in one person and was also responsible for editing, costumes and music. He did this so convincingly that his film was promptly invited to Cannes, where it was shown in the “Un Certain Regard” section and received 8 minutes of standing applause as well as enthusiastic reviews.

Heartbreaker provides a reflection on enthusiasm and obsession, longing and rejection in love and the difficult balance between affection and self-abandonment. Thematically, the film is in a series with Jules and Jim, The talented Mr. Ripley, What use is love in thoughts, The dreamers or chansons of love to see; Incidentally, Louis Garrel made a cameo at the end of Heartbreaker and played one of the leading roles in Dolan's third feature film, Laurence Anyways.

Dolan packs his subject in previously unseen images of beguiling beauty. Again and again he dissolves the cinematic flow in favor of slow motion, which increases the individual film images to small works of art and finally blends with real works of fine art (including Michelangelo's David, drawings by Jean Cocteau). In terms of film, Heartbreaker uses Wong Kar-WaisIn the Mood for Love and Pedro Almodovar's colorful cinema, refers to Gregg ArakisMysterious Skin and the French Nouvelle Vague, calls up film icons such as Audrey Hepburn and James Dean, and is reminiscent of the glamor of Tom Ford, of Gus van Sant and François Ozon. In spite of these borrowings, Dolan found his very own style, which clearly stands out from his directorial debut I Killed My Mother and shows a further development, especially in the areas of lighting, coloring and camera work. (AW)