Samsung S3600 how to open the battery

Open the Samsung Galaxy S7: Change the battery and insert the SIM card

How can you open a Samsung Galaxy S7? How can you remove the back of the Galaxy S7 Edge so that you can insert the SIM card or replace the battery? A question that may occupy one or the other owner of the new flagship from Samsung, because depending on which smartphone you switched to the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, you will ask yourself how you get it the back off?

Samsung Galaxy S7 open to insert SIM card?

In contrast to older smartphones, the back of the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) cannot be easily removed and the device opened. In most cases, however, this is not necessary at all, as both the SIM card and a memory card to expand storage space can be inserted via the corresponding slot on the upper edge. At the top left is a small hole with a sledge. You can insert the SIM card and, if necessary, a memory card into this slide. To get the slide out of the device you simply take the enclosed "pointed tool" and use it to pierce the small hole at the top. Opening the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not necessary and also not that easy.

Open the Samsung Galaxy S7 and change the battery

If you want to change the battery of the Galaxy S7 (Edge) and do the repair yourself, you have to remove the back of the Galaxy S7, which, as mentioned above, is not that easy, at least not compared to smartphones with an easily removable back .

If you want to open your Samsung Galaxy S7, you not only need a hair dryer but also the appropriate tool. Sometimes you can get it with a pointed object for levering up the back in conjunction with a plastic pick. Since the back is usually still glued, you need a hair dryer to liquefy the glue a little so that you can remove the back. If you are looking for instructions, we recommend the very detailed video on the subject by JerryRigEverything. There, all necessary steps to open the Samsung Galaxy S7 and change the battery or repair the display are described in great detail and easy to understand.