How much does an umbilical hernia operation cost

Veterinary costs: digestive system, hernias, abdominal organs, thyroid gland

powerPrice in €Digestive systemGastrointestinalLaparotomy (opening of the abdominal cavity), diagnostic76,97Caecum resection (removal of the appendix)224,47Enema, treat constipation16.03 Z *Bowel resection (surgical removal of injured or
diseased parts of the intestine)224,47Enterotomy (incision of the wall of the small intestine to the
Purposes of opening the intestinal lumen)179,58Anal bag treatment
a. manual emptying
b. Flushing 6,41
12,84Anal bag extirpation
a. one-sided
b. both sides 115,44
192,42Rectal mucosal resection160,34Rectal diverticulum179,58Rectal prolapse simple76,97Gastric resection (removal of the stomach)224,47Abomasum repoisition, rolling
- without transcutaneous fixation
- with transcutaneous fixation 51,31
76,97Torsion operation (twisting)
a. Intestines
b. stomach 179,58
320,69Trocar19,24esophagusRemoval of foreign bodies from the esophagus (oral extraction)48.10 Z *Use nasogastric tube, tube, tube12,84Operations on the esophagus without a thoracic opening (foreign bodies, resection (removal of certain tissue parts of an organ), dilation (vasodilatation), diverticula (protrusions of the intestinal mucosa))192,42Teeth, mouth and pharynxdentures
a. easy
b. several, per abutment tooth 134,68
109,03Extraction (pulling teeth)
a. easy
b. difficult 6,41
25.65 Z *Row extraction of several loosened teeth (also milk teeth)32,07filling
a. easy
b. difficult 38,48
64.14 Z *Splinting a dislocated tooth57,72Exposing a retained tooth32,07Crown
a. easy
b. difficult 96,20
160,34Root canal treatment
a. easy
b. difficult
- single-rooted tooth
- multi-rooted tooth 19,24


Root resection
a. single-rooted tooth
b. multi-rooted tooth 96,20
102,63Tartar removal / prophylaxis
a. manually
b. Ultrasonic
- easy
- difficult
c. Ultrasound with scaling, fluorination and polishing of the mouth and throat 12,84

44.89 Z *

Removal of epulides (benign growths of the oral mucosa and
of the gums)
a. easy
b. difficult

89.79 Z *

Shorten the soft palate115,44Gingivectomy (removal of thickened gums)
a. easy
b. difficult 51,31
89,79Gingivaplasty (surgical shaping of the gums to restore their natural shape)32,07Findings32,07corrections
a. Loop therapy
b. Use of an expansion plate
c. Impression taking
- easy
- difficult 23,48


Fracture treatment
a. simple (mouth loop)
b. Wire / plastic rail
c. intermaxillary fixation (temporary locking of the lower jaw
with the upper jaw)
d. Bone wire cercelage (treatment of a fracture by simple
Wire wrapping)
e. percutaneous osteosynthesis
f. Plate osteosynthesis (treatment of a bone fracture by
Metal plates) 38,48



Temporomandibular joint dislocation (dislocation of the temporomandibular joint), bloodless reduction51,31Jaw resection
a. easy
b. difficult 102,63
160,34Mandibulectomy (surgical removal of tumors in the oral cavity)160,34Maxillectomy (removal of the upper jawbone)160,34Condylectomy (removal of the articular head)160,34Lip wrinkle correction, per side76,97Ranula surgery (cyst below the tongue)
a. easy
b. difficult 115,44
192.42 Z *Lip, jaw, cleft palate surgery
a. traumatic
b. innate 64.14 Z *
128.27 Z *Tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils)115,44Tumor surgery
a. easy
b. difficult 38.48 Z *
115.44 Z *Tooth fistula surgery (oronasal fistula)115.44 Z *HerniasInguinal hernia (inguinal hernia)115,44Perineal hernia
a. one-sided
b. both sides 224,47
320,69Umbilical hernia (umbilical hernia)
a. dog
b. Puppy 64,14
32,07Diaphragmatic hernia230,90Abdominal organsGallbladder surgery224,47Liver lobe resection211,66Spleen extirpation192,42Partial pancreatic resection (total or partial removal of the pancreas)224,47thyroidGoiter surgery (surgery for thyroid disease)192,42